Colossal Luxury Close-Up Mat

Colossal Luxury Close-Up Mat

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Previously reserved for exclusive use by Ellusionist Artists & Staff, the Colossal Close-up is nearly twice the size or standard close-up pads.

These rubber-backed, double-thick, handmade close-up mats feature a flocked-grey plush surface, emblazoned with the red Thunderbird - the new logo of the Ellusionist Playing Card Company.

Made from the finest materials available. Our Elite Over-sized mats weigh in much larger then any mat on the market including our largest Apollo mats. Thick heavy-weight rubber underlay, gorgeous mottled grey material, each mat is hand made with love in the U.S.A.

The mat offers enough space for beautiful spreads and displays and is perfect for your practice space or for a professional show, giving you plenty of work and inspiration.

It practically calls to you, beckoning you to come and Practice on it.

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  • by Enoch Xu

    Feb 2015

    I received it this morning, it is amazing!!!
    I like the touch feeling, such a wonderful MAT!!!
  • by zak Werdegar

    Sep 2013

    This is probably the best thing I've bought from ellusionst!!! I can't imagine my self without it anymore. Get it, it's worth it.
  • by Jānis Priedītis

    Jun 2013

    I ordered the mat quite a while ago, when it was first available.
    I must say, that I haven't had any regrets at all - this must be one of the best things I've ever bought.
    The quality is astonishing, even after months of using there are no signs of any damage, it will last you for years, even.
    If you haven't gotten one, do it now, this is the best mat you will ever get.
  • by Inho Kim

    Mar 2013

    Get this! This thing is a work of art. I was blown away when i saw this right in front of my eyes. This is the best mat ever made.
  • by Steve Colarusso

    Mar 2013

    Colossal is an apt description of both the size and quality of this mat! I don't know if I could ever utilize all the s p a c e this mat provides. Looking forward to years of use.
  • by Jordan Doust

    Mar 2013

    just bought this baby and paid an extra $50 for fast shipping, cant wait for it, thanks ellusionist
  • by dvitto patilla

    Mar 2013

    Huge and so smooth... Perfect!
    I really love this product. It is expensive but this will last longer than all your decks together.
  • by Joshua Wei Da

    Feb 2013

    i didn't get to buy one and I wish that Ellusionist can bring this cool product back.

    [Ellusionist's reply: Ta-daa! Your wish is granted. The mats are again available. Enjoy!]
  • by Jim Franklin

    Jan 2013

    Love it. Best mat ever. Huge.
  • by Matthew Jones

    Oct 2012

    I just got the Close-Up Mat today (October 9th, 2012) and haven't stopped using it, this is possibly the best Close-Up Mat I've ever bought if they ever get them back you have to buy one, they're amazing.

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