Silver Ellusionist Key Chain

Silver Ellusionist Key Chain

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The Ellusionist Silver Key Chain saves you from the mediocrity of key organizers and is the only chain you’ll ever need again. The solid stainless steel construction not only looks stylish in its padlock form – but is also tough enough to withstand anything you throw at it.

Guaranteed to be picked first at your next key-swapping party.
Take that, Mercedes.

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  • by jason youngdell

    Sep 2013

    I've bought three of these and the end just randomly falls off. I like the look just wish they would stay together. My wife took the last one I bought and super glued it in.. works great now just hope I don't need to take my keys off.
  • by Alberto Hernández

    Aug 2013

    The Keychain is beautiful, Its high polished finish gives it an special image. Very nice quality. I like it on my keys!
  • by Zach

    Jul 2013

    Just go this in the mail. Amazing! A little smaller in size than I first thought it would be but still perfect. I originally got this in hopes that it would work for a locked deck effect. It is a perfect size for a locked deck routine. Thanks E you have done it again!! Great great quality and yeah finger prints do stick. Oh we'll I couldn't care less about that fact.
  • by tony panozzo

    Jun 2013

    i have several sets of keys, and needed another key chain. saw this one, read the reviews, and decided too purchase it. looks great, and very nice quality. happy with my purchase. and one other thing, it is a real key chain, and not a trick.
  • by Chris Taylor

    May 2013

    looks good been on my keys since i got it.
  • by Brandon Blankenship

    May 2013

    Absolutely gorgeous. Great weight and balance. a wonderful addition to my keys!!!!!!
  • by Chris Sargent

    Apr 2013

    Its a very nice key chain. I like it.

    Mar 2013

    Super Key Holder ... Look's Great!
  • by Sean Del Alcazar

    Mar 2013

    Looked very nice for the time I had it on, which unfortunately was only a day... I accidentally dropped my keys in the parking lot and the disguised screw end flew off, don't know if mine was defective or not but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt and I may just order another one and hope for the best -- it really does look nice!
  • by Yulong Lin

    Jan 2013

    It's beautiful and good quality. The logo is very cool. Hightly recommend.

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