NEO Coin Table Matrix by Justin Miller

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The Coin Matrix is recognized as a classic in magic. Justin Miller has taken that classic and spun it on it's head. The Neo Coin Matrix steps away from the traditional effect with 4 coins as Justin makes them jump invisibly, magically, and impossibly under a single card.

Direct from Justin's working repertoire to yours. You can learn this effect right now including all the small touches, and subtleties that make this look so magical.

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  • by Chuck Stewart

    Sep 2016

    Absolutely amazing. Great handling and great teaching in the video. This is very hard to reverse engineer after seeing it once. Amazing work and I use this a ton.
  • by Alex McCaffrey

    Dec 2015

    I have been doing a traditional matrix that requires no additional coins for years. This is a nice follow up when people ask me to do it over. Clear instruction, a very attainable trick for all levels. The move to accomplish the second steal is a nice bonus/modification of something coin workers use all the time but JM's tweak makes it more natural. For the price this is a great value!
  • by luke lessard

    Aug 2015

    This was the first thing that I bought by JM and i just have to say that its a beautiful effect and no one that i preform it to has ever figured it out and i have done it up 3 times for a group of people
  • by Mcspoony

    Apr 2014

    I would pay more money for an illusion like this! The teaching is extraordinary, the magic trick awesome. You have nothing to lose, a great illusion to add to your arsenal.

    Jan 2014

    first like JM says it, no extra coin and that's really important. the last act when you make the three coin appear together like in the video is an absolute killer.
  • by Frank Brandolino

    Jan 2014

    As with everything from Justin Miller, it's awesome. A matrix that uses no extra coins and a playing card. Some simple sleights he teaches can also be used for other effects and are great utilities. A great routine for a great price. You have nothing to lose. BUY IT!
  • by David Mancuso

    Dec 2013

    Awesome trick. No gimmicks and taught in a way that makes it easy to learn.
  • by ben

    Oct 2013

    i found this to be very clever indeed the moves you use in this are very easy to perform and practice i would say tho that you really need some solid practice to be-able to do this well and pull it off but other than that download it.
  • by Eli1001

    Sep 2013

    AWESOME!!! Justin did an incredible job of teaching this trick, didnt take long to learn, I highly recommend it...
  • by Carlos De Perez

    Sep 2013

    the smartest coin matrix out there, and of course, from Justin Miller, what more could you ask for, it is a WTF moment maker.

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