Creative Magic Book by Adam Wilber

Creative Magic Book by Adam Wilber

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Creative Magic has the formula YOU need to kick start your Magic Creativity AND Career. This book is for the magician who wants to create magic and make money while doing it.


By Brad Christian:
"To me, creativity seems to be an expression of letting your imagination flow. Get rid of the boxes around something, get rid of your thoughts about the way it “has to” be or should be. Try several different avenues for the same thing, experiment. Use a lot of “what if” scenarios: Trick your mind into letting go of its natural boundaries..."

By Daniel Madison
"I believe that anybody can decide at any moment to be creative without it being forced, but this relies on the individual knowing how creativity works, and the key point is that one does not have to force, or at times barely even try."

Adam Wilber is a working Pro, for over 15 years he has been creating magic and lining his pockets with cash.

"...if you do not get this book, you will be missing a very important step in becoming a solid and memorable magician. One of the most important books a magician should read, I put this right up there with my favorite book of all time, Derren Brown's Absolute Magic.
-Justin Miller

Now, it's your chance to do the same

You are going to learn 16 effects that Adam uses at EVERY paying show he does. These are tricks that pay the bills AND book shows over and over again.

You are going to learn HOW to create miracles. Every step of the creative process is explained including 9 EXERCISES in creativity that ALWAYS produce results and ORIGINAL TRICKS.

You are going to read interviews and essays from some of the most creative magicians alive today and you will get to learn the secrets to their creative success.

Here is what to expect from Creative Magic,

  • Earbuds - A cord, string, or shoelace MELTS through the layers of a signed selected card actually becoming part of the card. They will have to destroy their card to get the cord out. Adam even teaches you how to make these special cards.

  • World’s Easiest Coin Bend - A signed quarter and a signed nickel bend right in front of a spectators eyes and IN THE SPECTATOR'S HANDS. they get to take home both bent coins. A true reputation maker.

  • A Lesson in Sleight of Hand - The wrong card is visually changed into the spectator's signed card on top of the deck with your spectator staring right at it!

  • The Backup Plan - A full 3 phase routine with four aces and a selection. The selected card is placed under the spectator's hand. One ace turns face down to let you know the suit of the card and then changes places with the selection. The Ace is now under the spectator's hand and the selection is now with the other three aces.

  • Color Coincidence - Any 3 cards just touched by a spectator, prove to be the only cards with DIFFERENT COLORED BACKS.

  • 19 Down - You make a selected card visually POP out of the deck at the exact spot that you said it would, 19 cards from the top of the deck.

  • Signature - A spectators signature is pulled off of a card and thrown back on visually then you literally peel off your own signature!

  • Adam’s Aces - A Quick Visual production of 4 Aces in the hands.

  • Pop Production - 4 Aces appear by popping out of the deck, in all directions. Fast and Startling!

  • Sealed Surprise - A borrowed coin vanishes from a shot glass and appears inside a selected bottle of soda. The shot glass then FILLS UP with the selected soda.

  • Environmentally Unfriendly - You show people what is inside a battery by unscrewing the top and pouring out a glowing green liquid from THEIR battery. This is so visually shocking people's jaws will drop.

  • Shutterbug - A card box is turned into a "camera" that takes a perfect picture of the selected card complete with their signature on the back of the card/picture!

  • Boxed In - A ring and selected card change places, with the ring appearing INSIDE the deck, which has now become a small jewellery box.

  • Cash Card - A selected card changes places in a flash with a clean $10 bill that you can show around the card being found in your wallet.

  • Fah-Q - Learn to gimmick your own card box to make one prediction change into another visibly!

You will learn ALL of these professional, money making effects and ALL the creativity exercises, essays and contributions from famous magicians, Daniel Madison, Brad Christian, David Regal, John Guastaferro, Dan Harlan, Marc Spelman, Pete McKinnon and Alan Rorrison!
Here is what other people have to say about Creative Magic

"...If you're a magician, you need to pick (Creative Magic) up. Creativity at its finest." -James Kaine

It would cost OVER $100 to buy each and every one of these effects and that is without all the amazing Creativity Exercises that train you to become an inventor and creator of magic.
To get the essays and insight from all of the other contributors took Adam over 2 years!
You don't have to wait 2 years you can buy Creative Magic RIGHT NOW and start performing and creating your own miracles right away.

Delve further into the worker psychology with regularly updated thoughts from Adam at:

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  • by Joshua

    Apr 2017

    This is one 150 page book. Not sure why there are four books in every picture. The writing style is not very easy to understand but with some determination it can be comprehended. I would say it's a bit over-priced. It's rather disappointing when you get to page 17 and it says that there should be 5 gimmicks included with the book even though there is not.
  • by Jackson F

    Mar 2016

    Ok, so as I performing magician, I can say that without a doubt, most of these effects you WILL use. I say MOST because their are a few such as Sealed Surprise or Boxed In that only a Proffesional magician MIGHT use. The gimmick for both of these requires VERY TEDIOUS WORK AND IS EXPENSIVE. Aside from that, the effects are AMAZING and I perform them regularly, In fact, I keep "Signature" in my back pocket as my secret weapon. Very fun effects. I also like the "Worlds easiest coin bend" because its a SIGNED and BORROWED quarter and nickel that BENDS IN THE SPECTATORS OWN HAND. super visual stuff in here. Love it!
  • by Rico Weeland

    Sep 2015

    This book got me started with reading magic book. its extremely well written its fun to read and to practice the effects he gives you also the creative exterciese are spread trough the book which is genius and it would help you a lot getting better with creativity.

    Description of this book in 1 word: Genius
  • by Kieran O'Sullivan

    Aug 2015

    Even if you own Adam Wilber's video format work and know how to do most of these excellent effects this book is a must buy. The essays and ideas about creativity are second to none. I used to call myself a mechanical magician, I had every slight and move down to perfection and could copy the performance of any magician. After reading this book a realised that this was not a positive was to perform magic. I began thinking about magic in a completely different way and added my own style to any trick I performed and I also started creating some of my own effects which was something I could never do before reading this book. One of my top 5 purchases to date.
  • by Mycole Eversole

    Jul 2014

    Ill separate this review into three sections, beginners, intermediate and advanced magicians, then overall.

    Beginners: This book is by far one of my favorite books that i have read so far, and the Concepts and Thoughts alone are worth this book and will be highly beneficial to you. However, this book can be frustrating for you when it comes to the tricks, because this book says to do this slight and that slight without the book describing some of them, and if you do not know how to do that slight, it can be very frustrating if you have not bought Adams DVD's to go with the book. It also refers to other books which can be good or bad:
    bad because as i said before it can also be frustrating because you have to take the time to figure out the slights he tells you to do to be able to do the tricks.
    good because the books he refers to are also fantastic books, and if you are willing to take the time to look up the slights then you will be a better magician by ten fold by the time you are done with the book.

    Intermediate and advanced magicians: this book is great for those who are at the point where they feel like they have enough knowledge of magic to come up with there own effects, and the creative exercises posted at the end of every effect helps greatly with doing that. Also, if you have a broad knowledge of magic you will love this book and probably read it all the way through the first day you get it just for the pleasure of how great this book is written. Do not overlook this book! You need to buy it.

    Overall: Anyone can benefit by getting this book. The section "Concepts & Thoughts" will benefit anyone who buys this book, and if anything, you should buy this book just to read that section. It's AMAZING, and the tricks do not fall short either, if anything, some of my favorite effects i have seen are in this book, and once you start reading this book, you will not want to stop.
    I HIGHLY recommend it.
  • by Zvi Hassan

    Apr 2014

    Now that is a great book. Not just because it has awesome effect, explained in intricate detail, but also amazing tips on the subject of creativity.

    Do yourself and your creativity a favor and buy this one.
    You could not possibly regret it.
  • by Dominic Lara-Detitto

    Mar 2014

    Amazing book with great material both on tricks and ways to flex your creativity!
  • by Richard Brealey

    Mar 2014

    Some really cool and inspirational stuff included, I haven't made my own trick yet but the concepts taught/ suggested in the book definitely help.
  • by tony roberts

    Oct 2013

    This book is amazing, you will learn so much Magic, and the ability to create your own effects, This is a must have.
  • by Samuel jones

    Jul 2013

    perfect for expanding your arsenal!

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