KuKarate Coin

KuKarate Coin

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Imagine this, you take a coin and flip it into the air a few times. Catching it and showing heads, then tails, the next time you flip it in the air "WHAM"

You literally dart your pointing finger through the air and IMPALE the coin. That's right, your finger has busted all the way through the coin.

With this precision made gimmick, hand made in Canada, that is exactly what you will be able to do -- and your friends can examine the coin right afterwards.

Keep this in your pocket for an anywhere, anytime miracle.

Master Coinsmith Roy Kueppers has taken the original Karate Coin concept and given it his signature, refined-yet-epic take. Fashioned from a pristine Kennedy Half Dollar, each tear in the coin is carefully machined and turned by hand, producing a puncture that looks like a bullet hole - or more accurately - like it's just been punched through with your finger.

The majority of other Karate Coins we've seen on the market are mass produced, simply cross-scored and pushed through, leaving an ugly, clearly manufactured hole - to the point where you'd have a hard time convincing anyone your finger produced it. The KuKarate coin is without a doubt one of the best Coin Gimmicks we've ever seen.

Fast List
  • • Show off your ninja skills by stabbing a coin in midair.
  • • Fashioned from a pristine Kennedy Half Dollar.
  • • Hand made by Roy Kueppers in Canada
  • • Package includes gimmick & full written instructions.

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Customer Reviews

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  • by Ryan Gerkis

    Jan 2014

    Not bad product it gets good reactions. The coins is made very well and no question the best one in the market I would reccomond this to anyone looking to buy it.
  • by Jon Kreisler

    Jan 2014

    I had to obtain a real Kennedy half dollar matching the date of the Kukarate coin, but it was well worth it. The craftsmanship is absolutely fabulous. To be honest, it looks more like a bullet penetrated the coin than a finger, but the effect is still wonderful; an audience does appreciate the performance of this trick. Props that are real look so much better than fakes; Kukarate is a must-have.
  • by Tod Waller

    Oct 2013

    This may seem like silly coin trick but until you get to perform it for people...and perform it with enthusiasm you just will not understand how powerful this effect can really be. I have been performing this effect for years and I was truly amazed the first time I did it for people and they really believed I pierced a coin with my finger. It was an amazing feeling. And now you can get a quality coin made the right way that you will be happy to go out and amaze people with your Karate prowess. Get this if you really like to amaze people with something a little bit off beat. You really won't be disappointed.
  • by Len 'Doc' Wayne

    Jul 2013

    The KuKarate Coin was exactly as advertised. Excellent precision craftsmanship!

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