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BACK IN STOCK AFTER TWO RECORD SELL-OUTS One piece of advice from TeamE: Don't. Miss. This.

"This effect is so good, it hurts!" -- Gregory Wilson
Stop for a moment and think about just how powerful that image was.

A borrowed ring rises off your outstretched hand to hover in mid-air. You then visibly push the ring - still hovering - across your palm. Your spectator can now reach out and pluck the ring from mid-air, leaving them no explanation for the miracle that just happened.

That's just one of the SIX full routines you'll learn that you'll be performing after watching this DVD (and practicing of course), as this set contains everything you need to perform, impromptu, right out of the box.

Forget everything you know about invisible thread. The effects taught on this DVD are simply not possible with IT - but no one told that to Damien Savina, the French Magician being heralded as the new King of the Invisible.

Leaving conventional hookups and limitations in the past, Damien has created a set of effects that will permanently burn themselves on the minds of your spectators.

'The best VISUAL FEELING I've had in over 10 years...' - JeanLuc Bertrand

In the Box

The DVD: Teaching the real work on Six Full Routines in French & English, honed over years of experience that has earned Damien an enviable reputation in underground french magic circles.

The Reel: The high-quality, precision-engineered thread reel surpasses those currently sold for more than three times this entire package. This is the exact reel Damien uses in his show.

The Work: A 12-page dual-language booklet with further teaching, complete credits, performance advice, additional ideas and more to encourage your own creativity with this system.


  • •   Vanish and Reappear a borrowed ring under Impossible conditions
  • •   Perform three-fly where the final coin visibly flies from your hand
  • •   Levitate borrowed objects at the fingertips
  • •   Learn 3 Incredible Haunted Pack routines
  • •   Move hovering objects with the push of a finger
  • •   Shoot a selected card out of the deck

If you've ever wanted to perform pure, spectacular magic that leaves a lasting impression with all those who witness your performance, then Invisible is a can't-miss.

The power of these effects lie in the fact that they are totally impromptu. With this DVD you're set to perform absolute miracles at any time.

Click add to cart now to make this arsenal of impossible thread magic yours.

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  • by Thomas

    Dec 2016

    A: The retracting mechanism in the one I bought broke the very first time I pulled the thread out, you guys replaced it so no harm no foul.
    2: I was much more green behind the ears when I purchased this so I did not know for sure if it was an invisible thread reel. If I had known, I would have figured that the traveling coin required another gimmick. You guys changed your "pay for the secret" ways and disclose everything now. I just felt duped because I didn't know what I was buying then, while new customers do know, and can decide if that's something they want AND duped because I thought all the gimmicks ware included to perform the tricks shown.
    (Lastly) I don't know if the thread in the real has been updated, but I practiced for days and made it through the entire levitating ring maybe 3 times without the thread breaking. I used to work at a touristy magic shop in San Francisco and an IT trick was the main push, that was one tool that I knew how to use well. Then the thread pulled back into the device and I tried all the tricks in the book, litterally, I even scoured the Internet for tips on getting it back out. Ultimately I broke it trying to fix it.
    The effects looked amazing, luckily I recorded one of the successes but I never got a chance to use it for live audience. That experience turned me off of magic quite a bit. Expensive stuff that's made cheap with miss leading, sometimes edited to seem better than they are, trailers is rampant in the magic community I discovered after I found some independent review Web sites. Experts praying on the wallets of beginners is not cool man. I am very glad you guys at Ellusionist chose to reveal upon interest... and glad I can get the spool a la carte if I decide to give it another spin. For reelz
  • by Jake Garcia

    Jul 2014

    I've had this product for some time now,and I can safely say that it is a wonderful work of art. The DVD was shot clear, and the instructions are the BEST I have ever received. The ITR however is good and in the right conditions like more reels the thread will be invisible, but I feel as if the reels were sloppily put together and the two I bought required me to personally fix them which is a downer. Nonetheless 4 stars for the fantastic thread set-up, it is what true magic should be.
  • by Joe Sun

    Jul 2014

    The DVD and instruction is fantastic. For that portion at least 5 stars.

    The provided thread is also quite good. It's pretty strong, and in the right conditions invisible.

    The reel on the other hand, is very sub par. Sure it works fine, but it doesn't not look and feel like a professional product. The alligator clip is very messily glued on (you can see all sorts of glue stains). The tube is dirty as hell, as if it had already been used but really was just poor constructed. The holes in the tube that I got were improperly drilled and I had to actually fix the holes because the sharp edges was breaking the thread repeatedly, and until I did so I couldn't use it. Basically, sloppy craftsmanship on the thread reel.

    Everything else though, fantastic.
  • by David Smalley

    Apr 2014

    This is a beautiful effect, it will take some work but anything worth it does. The set up is simple, but take it easy, there will be some breakage. But Damien has created something great here..the teaching on the dvd is good and the reel is first rate.
  • by Andrew Kwang

    Mar 2014

    I've been putting off reviewing this product for a while now until I've had enough experience with it, so here's my final review.
    This product has been owned by me for about 3 weeks now, and I'll admit I have broken it a lot, and yes it is a bit of a pain in the butt to fix when you first start. After a while, however, you get the hang of fixing it. I'd say I've been caught using this reel 1/10 times I perform any Invisible trick, but my backup plan is to just rip it up and say there was girl hair on me accidentally and had nothing to do with the trick. Believe it or not that excuse actually works and I get away with it. However, the string is still visible nonetheless, but the quality is better than most. Overall, I like it.
  • by Christopher Moore

    Feb 2014

    I love using magic as an attention getter in various settings so I can springboard into a full-on performance. After all, who but the most jaded person can't help but to stop and stare in awe at impossible visual magic?

    I've played with various devices and effects and can finally say that invisible is it. The crowds I've drawn are mesmerized as a spectator nervously takes the ring and from there they're all mine.

    Oh, have I mentioned this effect has already paid for itself in free beer and burgers? Yeah. It has. Amazing.
  • by Dominic Lara-Detitto

    Jan 2014

    I absolutely love the effects taught on the DVD, especially the ring effect. It's so amazing to have a spectator interact with the levitation of a small object!
  • by Pugg mugg

    Dec 2013

    First off, I want to say that I absolutely love this product. The included reel is very nice in my opinion, and is not hard to hide if you follow instructions.

    The thread itself is strong and completely invisibly except if you have improper lighting for the trick, even then it is not to noticeable. Past reviews have complained about it being hard to get the thread out of the reel is you break it. This is not true, and in my experience takes about a minute at most to fix.

    The DVD is excellent at teaching you how to perform the illusions although there is no aural instruction. Among other things the DVD covers making a required gimmick, hiding the reel, performances, and practicing.

    Over all the this product is very good as well as being easy for a beginner like me to learn, while still packing a punch; a must have item.
  • by Alcides Hernandez

    Dec 2013

    3 stars because the thread is really strong and won't break easly and amazed my audience but when broken its a pain to fix i personally had to break it piece by piece and put it back together and its a waist of time so i dont use it any more
  • by jason sigurdsson

    Dec 2013

    GREAT EFFECT! even though I already knew the secret, and how he did the tricks, I went ahead and bought the DVD anyway. NO regrets there! great teaching, even though he does not speak in the tutorial, it has such great teaching technique You'll understand it like if it was third grade math. overall a great trick, and easy to learn. the thread might break several times before you understand its strength, but you might get it straight away as well. I bought this effect at the same time as a buddy of mine, he broke his thread several times and gave up, but
    I found it rather easy after playing with it for a while. I STRONGLY suggests buying this effect. <<ADD TO CART>> :)

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