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Due to differing information on the provenance of this effect, Ellusionist has voluntarily removed Card at Any Number from our catalog. Our researchers have advised that this appears to be a case of independent creation, however the timeline of such creation remains unclear.

Whilst we understand that it was first recorded by Justin in 2006 for Kozmo magic (unreleased) and then released independently in 2011 in 'The 420 Project', it appears to have also been taught in private lectures by Daniel Garcia for some time - then formally published in June, 2012 in a recorded lecture.

Out of respect for both Justin Miller and Daniel Garcia, Ellusionist has opted to withdraw this effect from sale, maintaining the brotherly accord between the two magicians.

The Card at Any Number plot is a classic of magic, usually involving complex stacks, stooges, multiple decks or limits on the card or number named. But Justin Miller doesn't like complex.

A card is named by the spectator and withdrawn from the deck. With the chosen card no longer in play, it's up to the spectator to find it's pair - by naming the position - with a 1 in the 51 chance of being correct.

The cards are dealt one by one into the spectator's hand until their number is reached. The final card is placed aside, with the original chosen card. Suspense is built as the previous few cards are shown to all be different - one more or one less card would have resulted in another random card.

Finally, the numbered card is turned over - revealing the twin of the chosen card. A One in Fifty One Chance.

Freeing the effect of the distractions and pitfalls of many of its predecessors, Justin Miller gets straight to the point

This is Justin Miller. This is Card at Any Number.

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  • by Justin Miller

    Sep 2015

    Thank you guys for the kind words on this effect. As far as crediting matt mellow, this predates any published work of mellow's by 5 years:)
  • by gilbert newport

    Jul 2013

    Justin teaches this trick really well. I've been looking for more impromptu tricks for after I open with a set up and this is perfect. Free choice and no set up, also, it's angle-proof. Great trick! Not too hard either.
  • by Jon

    Jul 2013

    When I first saw this, I immediately thought how similar this was to Matt Mello's «Any Card at Any Number» from his DVD «Modern Mentalism». And I'm somehow surprised that Justin Miller doesn't even mention this on this video. I will go as far as saying that this trick is an improvement (a very good one as well) of Mello's trick. YouTube or Google his trick, and you'll see what I mean.

    With that said, this trick is excellent! I've performed Matt Mello's trick for some time now, because I believe it's one of the best, impromptu ACAAN-tricks out there (even David Berglas is quoted: «The best ACAAN-trick to date!»). But mr. Miller's version takes it up a couple of notch, and makes it even better! Now you only need one deck, no extra cards, the spectator shuffles it and they freely names a card and a number. You then, cleanly and slowly, counts down to that number and finds the mate to the card the spectator just named! It's that clean, that direct and that smooth! I gave it the practice it deserved and tested it out several times last night, and it got great reactions!

    I would have given it 5 stars, but since he gives no credit or no mentioning to Matt Mello and his ACAAN, he only get 4 stars from me. I highly recommend it!
  • by Tyler Roberts

    Jul 2013

    Fantastic video. The sleights used in this are not predictable making it impossible to be caught doing this trick. Great opener to gain confidence

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