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The traditional Card in Bottle plot has a problem. The card can't be signed, the bottle has to be pre-loaded and the reveal is getting the spectator to 'discover' the card at the end of the routine. In short - it's a trick that misses the mark.

Laura London however, doesn't miss.

The incredible thinking behind this effect manages to tick every box for the ultimate on-the-spot performance. The card is signed. The magical moment is instant. The spectator is left with an impossible souvenir.

This is the effect that Laura uses to close every show - and it's the reason why she's booked solid for months in advance.

A card is selected and signed by the spectator. The spectator replaces the card anywhere in the deck and shuffles the deck themselves. The deck is spread on the table and the spectator verifies their card is still in the stack.

The deck is picked up and INSTANTLY smacked against the bottom of an empty bottle -- BAM! Their signed card has penetrated through the bottom of the bottle in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment. The card-in-bottle can now be given out as a souvenir.


  • • Card is Signed by Spectator
  • • Card is genuinely lost in the deck - No sleight of hand required
  • • Spectator can shuffle the cards themselves
  • • Spectator verifies the card is still in the deck
  • • Card appears instantly - VISUALLY - in the bottle
  • • Both Gimmicked and Ungimmicked versions taught.

Laura teaches two versions - gimmicked and non-gimmicked, as well as multiple presentation ideas. The gimmicked version makes practicing much easier and leaves the spectator with a clean, better looking, impossible souvenir.

Difficulty: Beginner
Format: Download
Duration: 10 minutes

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  • by Lew

    Mar 2014

    Awesome, easy to learn,and quite a jaw dropper when performing
  • by Len Schmitz

    Mar 2014

    Awesome! Great trick I amaze all my friend's with this trick well worth the money!
  • by Andrew Kell

    Feb 2014

    Pretty good trick. Easy to do. Perfect reactions as well!
  • by Marc AndrĂ© Tellier

    Jan 2014

    This trick is just awesome. Nobody can see it coming. The explanations are really clear. It's a great weapon to add to your arsenal.

    Only bad points....gimmicks are no longer available at many places.
  • by Roberto Leon

    Dec 2013

    great trick, more visual with gimmicks and also great for stage
  • by Ethan G

    Dec 2013

    This trick is the most "in your face" card in bottle I have ever seen. With the gimmicks, which I would not do this without, make the sleights so much easier and the trick twice as believable. The only reason I did not give it 5 stars is because I had to watch the video many times to get the form down completely. The reactions are huge. Get this now!
  • by MX

    Dec 2013

    This version of card in bottle is brilliant. I've already preformed this and it's a smashing hit. Depending on ur skill level it can either be a good trick or magical. Very well done. I gave 4 stars because I believe in order to get 5 stars u must make a nolves look like a pro. But very well done.
  • by James

    Nov 2013

    First I love to say always awesome to see more lady's performing magic and good effects too! Without doubt get the gimmick for this for performing live you will not regret it. Though I found some of the teaching a little off it was easy enough to catch on after few more viewings. Great way to end a show and give away a souvenir as well. And those always make them remember you.
  • by Jonathon Fisher

    Nov 2013

    Be expected to buy the additional gimmicks for this effect.
    I have tried the non-gimmicked version of this trick and I personal feel that it should ONLY be performed with the gimmicks.

    I wont be performing this one until I order the gimmicks.

  • by francis moscal

    Oct 2013

    This is the best version of card in a bottle, its just perfect. its a little angel sensitive but man it makes up for it with the reactions everyone gives. perfect trick if you are the in your face visual type must get!!!!!!!

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