Quantum by Justin Miller

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A 'Quantum' is the smallest amount of something that can exist by itself. It's no wonder then, that Justin Miller calls this tiny, effortless movement containing both a Transposition and a Sandwich effect his 'Quantum'.

A pair of court cards are removed from the deck and inspected by the spectator, before being inserted partially back into the pack - left out-jogged. A card is chosen, signed and held away from the deck.

With a flick of the wrist, the pair and the selection magically change places - the court cards are now held in the hand, and the selection is out jogged in the middle of the pack. Transposition, done.

Without missing a beat, another flick of the wrist causes the signed selection to jump from the middle of the pack and arrive, facedown, between the pair of court cards. A perfect Sandwich.

This is highly-visual, blank-and-you-miss-it magic that Justin Miller has made his bread and butter. Learn it now.

Difficulty: Beginner.
Run Time: 8 minutes.
Format: Download.

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  • by Juan Fonseca

    Feb 2016

    This is a straight forward sandwich effect. I was looking for a sandwich effect that was visual and this was absolutely perfect. It will require some practice to make the visual part look good, but when you get it right, it looks beautiful.
  • by William

    Jul 2015

    Quantum is quick and visual, so it makes for a great go to effect. It is not too difficult to learn, but requires a bit of practice. It is well worth $5 and definitely one of my favorite effects.
  • by Pete Morton

    Apr 2015

    One of my first purchases as a beginner and now a go-to effect. It requires some practice to nail the transitions, but the reactions I get are great. Also the principles taught in this video are transferrable and generally useful if you are starting out in sleight of hand. Definitely worth picking up for the price.
  • by Alvin Huynh

    Jan 2014

    I love this! If you're new and/or just starting out in magic, get this! The utilities used here are transferable to any trick you want to do related to this style of effect.
  • by Frank Brandolino

    Jan 2014

    Another JM beauty, and a fairly easy one to do at that. This routine will freak your spectators out. It's a one-after-another visual effect that ends you totally clean and completely examinable. Simply awesome.
  • by Daniel Howard

    Jan 2014

    Another Miller Killer! It was a little harder than I thought it would be for me to get the trick perfected but wow it killed the spectators after I did.
  • by S. Venter

    Jan 2014

    If you are considering buying Quantum, do it. It is a great trick. It will take some practice to get right, but it gets amazing reactions. It also has a couple sleights that can be used by all those people who like to make their own tricks to. I would highly recommend this download.
  • by Tim Sikora

    Dec 2013

    love it, lots of little utility sleights and a self working routine. get this now, you won't regret it
  • by Anand Tyagi

    Dec 2013

    I just got this the other day. When I first saw this I thought I as picking up some of the moves that he was doing. Then, when he did the transpose part I was stunned. And so were my spectators. I immediately got the trick down and headed out to test it and it got some really nice reactions. This is easy to learn and I highly recommend this to.... anyone really. JM has done it again with his excellent ideas!
  • by Aidan McShane

    Nov 2013

    This is a nice, relatively easy effect that has a baffling sequence of events with a kicker ending. For only $5 this is definitely worth buying.

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