How to Cheat at Cards by Daniel Madison


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How to Cheat at Cards is written by reformed card-cheat Daniel Madison. The book exposes and teaches the cheating techniques and devices that Daniel was successful with during his time as a professional card cheat.

With intricate detail and step-by-step instruction on the handling, dexterity and psychology of deception with playing cards, How to Cheat at Cards not only offers a thorough course in card-table artifice but also a fascinating first hand insight into the mind, devilry and mechanics of the card cheat.

This Ellusionist Edition contains a new introduction, as well as further thoughts and sleights not printed in the original. It is a brilliant study guide when used in conjunction with the Mechanic DVD Set or as a complete reference by itself.

The following techniques and devices are taught in precise and thorough detail, each accompanied by instructional photographs:

The Madison Grip
Fair Dealing
The Bottom Deal
The Greek Deal
The Second Deal
The Centre Deal

The Upper Grip
Overhand Shuffle
Chop Shuffle
Riffle Shuffle
Hindu Shuffle
Swing Cut
Table Riffle Shuffle (Push-Through)
Strip Out
Gambler's Cut
Ladder Cut
Blackjack Strip Shuffle
Coat Shuffle
Bottom Shuffle
Score Marking
Blood Marking System

Double Bubble Peek
Table Shuffing Peeking
ITH Shuffle Peeking

Diagonal Cop
Gambler's Cop
The Dead Bug
Rear Load Palm

Classic Pass
Stalling Pass
Covered Table Pass
The Frank Hop
The Madison Shift
[The Code]


Fracture in the Hands
Switch the Box 1
Switch the Box 2
Switch the Box 3
Switch the Deck in the Hands 1
Switch the Deck in the Hands 2
Switch the Deck on the Table
Nihil Timendum Est

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  • by Richard Yager

    Jun 2015

    I am a big fan of Daniel Madison. The moves in this book are very well explained and very detail oriented. There's even a section where he tells you books that can further your study in deception. The best part is the psychology in the book. It changed the way I see everything at card table deception. If you're serious about cards, get it.
  • by Blake Mcdonald

    Aug 2014

    I bought this book with the intention of learning the small details of these moves. All of these moves are well known but the fine details are mostly hard to find. Daniel does a great job thoroughly explaining every detail of every move. All of my slights got instantly better after reading this book. Even all the moves in his DVD "Mechanic" are explained better in this book. So for me this book was exactly what I wanted. Keep in mind this book only teaches the moves, it's certainly not a book of tricks. But if you want to know how to cheat at cards, read this book.
  • by Jonah Glunt

    Jun 2014

    Before I read this, I thought I was fairly decent at card table deceptions. After reading How To Cheat At Cards, I realized how much I didn't know, and how much work I still had left to master many new techniques. Anybody that is new to gambling moves, or any expert looking to improve, this definitely is the book for you. This book will make you rethink and relearn everything you thought you knew, and it is well worth it. You don't have to decide to buy this or not, let me decide for you- BUY IT!
  • by Nicholas Sutton

    May 2014

    Anybody who desires even a remote expertise in Card Mechanics, this is the book for you. I thoroughly enjoyed, 'The Expert at the Card Table' by S.W. Erdnase and I continued to study it up until I got this book. This book blows any Card Mechanic book I have ever seen out of the water. The book is written exactly how I process things in my head. Daniel Madison paints a perfect picture in my head of how everything is working; every move, every sleight and every subtly. I absolutely love it. This is my new 'Card Mechanic bible'.
  • by Curtis Stabler

    May 2014

    Has a lot of hard to find material. The only book I have seen with the center deal. The blood marking systems is great. Daniel Madison's bottom deal is the best I have seen. Its in here.
  • by Justin Meredith

    Jan 2014

    Absolutely incredible. It is very good, and I highly recommend getting this in addition to Mechanic. It is written like a study guide for card cheating, and I believe a more appropriate title would have been the original, The Card Cheat Handbook.
  • by Floris De Smedt

    Dec 2013

    This is a brilliant work on the art of card cheating. Since it is written from the experience of a card cheat, it ensures that each (sneaky) move has to look exactly like the real one.
  • by Mark Tartaglia

    Nov 2013

    This is the ultimate companion to mechanic, if you are fan of the unseen art of card table artifice then this is for you don't delay add to cart

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