50 Cent Pieces (US Coins)

50 Cent Pieces (US Coins)

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These Kennedy 50 cent pieces have never been in circulation. Their brilliance and shine is unequalled.

Please Note: These coins are being sold individually. We recommend picking up a minimum of 4 to start, so that you're able to perform everything you know, and practice all the things you want to learn.

This is the quality that coin collectors prefer to have their coins in.

We think that it should also be the same quality that magicians should keep their coins in. If you are a coin magician, or even just learning, then start with the best tools that you possibly can.

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  • by Frederik Højsleth

    Mar 2013

    Really great and shiny, I love them!
  • by Luis Roman

    Mar 2012

    I called the Philadelphia Mint after seeing the Low Reviews. From a Mint, you can get Uncirculated coins ONLY in rolls of $10 (20 coins) for $33. That's a 1.60 a coin. Ellusinist may charge a bit more but you also don't have to drive to a mint, and If i want 4 coins for $9 on Ellusionist, it's alot cheaper then $33 for 20 coins which is a bit overkill. Even as a coin collector, I thin Ellusionist prices are very good.
  • by Luís Alberto Berteline de França

    Dec 2010

    Brazilian coins aren't cool for coin magic, they are very light, not big enough and their sound isn't cool.

    But these coins are awesome! Very shiny, in the perfect size and weight, also the sound of them hitting another is just great, I've never heard it like before, they are just perfect.

    Get them now!
  • by Wes Beiko

    Nov 2010

    Great, Solid, But after a week you can see the copper
  • by Ryan H

    Oct 2010

    These are great coins, nice and bright without all the wear of 50 cent pieces you would get from a circulated coin. The only con is that they are a bit pricey. Other than that they are fantastic!
  • by Sam DeHority

    Mar 2010

    You do realize that E is charging $2.25 + Shipping for 50 cents, right? That is an immediate 1.75 that you just lost for nothing. You can go to any Mint, or any federal bank and get a mint condition 50 cent piece for 50 cents! or 4 for the price E is charging for 1.
  • by Peter An

    Feb 2010

    Not only do they look great, they feel great too. It gives you the confidence. They are flashy, and just the right size and weight. Get it. It's Amazing
  • by Aaron Rinehold

    Jan 2010

    I'm so happy Ellusionist has these .50 cent pieces. Because I went to 4 different banks and they didn't have Any .50 cent pieces. I love E so much!
  • by Thi Dinh, Saugus, CA

    Mar 2009

    The quality of the coin is phenomenal, brand new out of factory. buy it guys
  • by Sergio Cedron, Philadelphia, PA

    Mar 2009

    I perform a lot of coin magic, and this is just top notch for any effect you can possibly think of. Especially Silver Dream. These coins are a Dream.

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