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Pulled from the 60's, this is one of Don and Roger Sterling's favorite sets of playing cards. Wrapped in an early 60's vintage design, this set is customized from the inside out and is the talk of Sterling Cooper.

• Printed on soft luxe paper
• Raised emboss, tailored from the inside out
• Amazing "used" look and feel
• An American original... glides like air!

This is truly the deck of playing cards that Betty will be playing bridge with as she waits for Don to come home. Order one, or a box of twelve for your friends, today!

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  • by Chance

    Oct 2017

    Absolutely one of my favorite decks by E and by anyone! This is my most used deck by far
  • by Jeff

    Jun 2017

    Opening this is a sin
  • by Benny Wen

    Apr 2016

    Nothing too special about these cards except for the look. Bringing them out from the box, I received many 'wow's' and 'cool'. I must add they are rather simple to spring as well.
  • by Dougie

    Dec 2015

    Really do glide like air ;)
  • by Jason Miller

    Aug 2015

    These easily became my new favorite deck. Very elegant and a wonderful nostalgic look and feel. The face cards are really well done and have great personality.
  • by Ashley Rebosa

    Jul 2015

    Wonderfully whimsical artwork. Silky texture and just so easy to flip and slide the cards for ultimate manipulation. I am extremely pleased with my purchase. Thank you for creating functional artwork!
  • by Richard Yager

    Dec 2014

    E always makes great cards. These are great cards. I think the thin border is greater for gambling and the images are great for magic. The court cards make me feel like an old time card shark. Great for Sam the Bellhop.
  • by Andrew Lee

    Dec 2014

    Classy, I honestly can't think of a bad thing to say about these. I plan on ordering more soon, and using them at the more fancy gigs I do. The color scheme is impressive, the backs are simple, and believe me, the court cards are prettier in person.
  • by Daniel Grosser

    Apr 2014

    These card are really nice to own and have a nice retro feel to them the card case is really nice with embossing on it and looks vintage. Really nice deck
  • by Steven Fyfe

    Apr 2014

    I think these cards are like all of E's cards when it comes to quality. They are smooth and fan great. I like the face cards and the look of the deck, but am not in love with them. I like the unique seven of hearts pip though. It is missed by most, but when you find it you start to wonder why it is there. I like the special pip for that card.

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