RIP by Daniel Madison

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RIP turns the traditional torn and restored card plot on its head.

Daniel Madison has stripped away the awkward piecing together process, the strange handlings of ‘four pieces’ that no one can touch and the suspicious tearing actions often seen in other versions, and what he’s left with is a miracle… that happens in the spectator’s hands.

A selected playing card is torn into four separate pieces - an action that can even be performed by the spectator. Each of the four separate pieces are placed in the spectator’s hand, before being sandwiched by their other hand.

With the passing of just a second, it’s done. The spectator cautiously lifts their hand to reveal the card is now completely restored. No rips. No tape. Whole.

Think TnR effects are old school? Get ready to be proven wrong.

Download RIP today.

Format: Download
Duration: 30 Minutes
Difficulty: Intermediate
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    Very strong Visual effect. Buy it!
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    This product is 10/10. Super easy and one of the most fun effects to preform. The only down side is that there are a couple of extra purchases and very easy arts and crafts. Could not reccomend this product higher. Well done E, Well done
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    I had the original pdf written by Daniel, and I got this just because I love Daniel's work. I didn't know tho, that Daniel improved the original method and made this effect so much better. This is probably the best T&R effect out there, mainly because it happens in the spectator's hands.
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    I enjoy this effect, probably even more than the friend that serves as my rehearsal victim. Setup is simple, and can be carried around easily for "on the go" use. Thank you for sharing.
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