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The brand new KINGS Black deck takes its cues from the original Black Rounders, with elements fused from the instant sell-out KINGS deck.

A striking, beautifully minimalistic box with the foiled KINGS emblem on the front. Nothing more, nothing less. Two simple phrases to live by reside on each side.

Featuring an Angle Z Gaff Card, traditionally cut edges and a Mnemonica stack straight from the box, Daniel Madison and Peter McKinnon have strengthened the force of the KINGS brand in what we're sure will become one of your favorite decks in performance.

Watch Madison perform with Black Kings

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  • by Vincent Lin

    Aug 2017

    By far this is my favorite deck to use, amazing gimmick also included with this deck. The handling and feel are just so amazing it'll make any male or female climax just holding it. I'm saying it's god dam amazing and they need to bring it back.
  • by Krisnapati Bayu

    Mar 2016

    The kings series is one of my favorite playing card series, the black looks really good when you wearing black suit, it almost like you are really professional with card magic, believe me it fit like you are kings.
  • by Ryan Cook

    Jan 2016

    I thought i would love these cards because of the fact i love the rounders series so much. most dont notice this but the cards are not symmetrical top and bottom. this i guess is just a subtle pet peeve and it makes me never want to use them for anything. they feel great and handle well but just arent symetrical. i guess there are routines you could use that to your advantage but it just bothers me. a nice piece for my collection is what it shall remain
  • by Georgio Harmouch

    Dec 2015

    Beautiful cards. Very simple design which makes them very elegant and descent. They are also very smooth and they spread like butter on hot toast. They are truly fit for a KING (or an excellent magician) :)
  • by Andrew Gan

    Oct 2015

    One of my favorite decks. The cards feel very smooth and are excellent to do magic. In my opinion, I prefer the original Kings because they are a marked deck and the quality is as good as the Kings Black.
  • by Vinayak Gajjewar

    Jul 2015

    WOW. That's all that I can say about this deck. Double-backer, simplistic jokers, and reversible back design? A must-have for magicians. I especially love the incognito reversible back design and use it in substitute of my key card routine!
  • by Sawyer Davie

    Mar 2015

    One of the Best Decks I've purchased. I'm a collector of rare cards and designer cards (more a user of the standard things) so I usually only buy one deck when buying from Ellusionist because I don't plan to use them that much. When I saw the trailer for these, I knew immediately I needed more than one. I even liked this deck so much it made it to multiple media outlets on which I reviewed it. Fantastic Deck. No complaints, No regrets.
  • by Edward Riker

    Mar 2015

    These cards are amazing I love them so much. They have quickly become my daily cards, I just ordered 2 more decks. Great looks amazing finish. They make hard tricks a breeze I was holding them during a performance and there so smooth they slipped out of my hand. Truly amazing cards, you need these in your collection
  • by Magic Orthodoxy

    Mar 2015

    I used to think the original Kings deck was my favorite and now I've changed my mind! This deck is built to perform magic! Sleek! Smooth! Classic design! One way back! WOW! Can't say enough good things.
  • by Cesar Morales

    Mar 2015

    This deck (including the white variation) is for me the absolute best deck in the market!!! Smooth as a baby's behind, great feel to it, easy to handle and they both look spectacular!!! And the angle Z card is just amazing. I performed it today and every single person was astonished. Great product, great deck and just a GREAT company!!!

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