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The Coin Bite illusion uses an everyday item to create magic that LOOKS IMPOSSIBLE.

Borrow a quarter from someone, bite a piece off and hold it on your tongue.... then blow it back onto the quarter and the quarter is whole again. You can hand it out for examination.

What else can it do?

Make a quarter visually pass through the side of an empty coke bottle. The possibilities are endless. The reactions you'll get with this effect are incredible.

YOU WILL HAVE PEOPLE SCREAMING WHEN YOU DO IT. Then you hand their OWN quarter back to them and walk away. Bingo.

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What You Get:
  • Precision made coin
  • Video teaching download
  • Available in USA quarter only

How to Best Learn It the Quarter Bite?

The fastest and easiest way to learn it is to be "one on one" with a teacher in a video situation... each move, each step of this beautiful illusion can be learned in fine detail, with nothing left out.

This special video teaching footage is impossible to obtain anywhere except at ellusionist®. We are the only company that produced downloadable video that actually teaches EVERY part of this amazing illusion - with nothing left out.

You are about to learn it, step by step with Brad Christian's exact handling... pick the package deal that suits you and order now, you'll be amazed at what it will do for your magic.

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