Chroma by Lloyd Barnes and Nicholas Lawrence

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Chroma is a versatile gaff that allows you to instantly print a card at your fingertips...with no cover.

Lloyd Barnes & Nicholas Lawrence have joined creative forces to take an under-used concept and update it for the modern day.

Each teaches their own unique handling's with this gimmick, allowing you to print cards, make signatures appear, stickers vanish and much much more.

- No flaps
- No folds
- No creases
- Use ANY cards, even Madison Blanks.

Everything you need to create this incredible gimmick is included in your specially constructed package.

We've thrown out all unnecessary packaging to make this more affordable than EVER to get to your door.

Get Chroma TODAY.

Format: Shippable materials & DVD Download
Difficulty: Easy
Duration: 60 Minutes

** Credit Note: We would also like to extend a credit to James Curtin who also has similar work on the method to Chroma.

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    Nicks gimmick is the better of the two because the only thing to be seen on his is the tape. But over all overpriced and I do not think its worth the money
  2. Summary


    Ita a great trick and looks fantastic in the video but the gimmick too easy to see. If you're buying this effect maybe get some darker colored or busier print cards to go with it?
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    Nice trick, easy gimmick to make. I made one perfectly on my first try, and it worked exactly as planned. The problem is that the flaws in the gimmick are easy to see. Even those who are not looking for the flaws, see them. It is better performed in a dim light to prevent this, which is not mentioned in the tutorial. It does take a bit of practice, more than expected, but overall not too bad. Not my personal favorite, and not going into my regular rotation.
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    Hey, guys. I just wanted to give a totally honest review for CHROMA by Lloyd Barnes and Nicholas Lawrence. I was very excited when I first saw the trailer because I love all of Nick and Lloyd's work and I knew that anything they worked on together would be great. So, when I purchased it and watched the whole download I was not disappointed at all as many other people have been saying. There are two different versions of the gimmick (Lloyd's and Nick's) and I have to say that for me personally, Nick's is more practical for real life. Both gimmicks are medium difficulty to make for a beginner "gimmick-maker" and a piece of cake for anybody who has made similar cards gimmicks. Some of the supplies come in the mail but if you want to make other gimmicks you have to have your own very simplistic supplies. (Let's clear something up -- the ad copy can be misunderstood. It says no flaps and that is true if you are talking about the regular Mark Mason Blink card with a f**d and e*****c. But, there is a different type of flap type thing which is what Nick and Lloyd have created.) I have been practicing this for a few days and have gotten it down pretty good (performance link with a little touch I added - but not perfect yet. Overall, this is worth the $14.95 + shipping and I would reccomend this to anybody who wants something to build, practice and then perform something very visual. Thanks for creating this Nick and Lloyd!

    - Ari
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    When lloyd showed me this i knew i had to have it for my youtube channel, i got an awesome idea using the blank gimmick this is a must have i will post my video once i have filmed it.
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    Chroma is just sheer brilliance! To start with the method is simple and very clever which means making the gimmick is so easy and quick (I can make one in about 2 minutes at the minute).
    Because it allows you to change both sides of the card the possibilities are endless and I have even started coming up with my own ideas for it which allows me to add it to any part of any routine.
    It's not 100% angle proof but you can easily overcome this with audience management and performing at the right time (remember you don't need to perform an effect every single time you perform), but saying that the change looks the same from the back as it does the front.
    Both Nicholas and Lloyd teach their own versions which are both as good as each other and are taught very well and is easy to understand what is going on.
    I absolutely love Chroma and definitely recommend it! You'll have loads of fun with this!
  7. Summary


    The most visual, open color change I've seen in a long time!

    Let me start by saying that you will need to build the gimmick yourself. This is usually a downside for me but not this time. Both Lloyd and Nicholas spend a lot of time teaching you how to make the gimmicks needed to perform Chroma. Lloyd's version of the gimmick is a little more complex and will require you to buy some things (they are included in the package) both gimmicks are easy to make and took me around 10 mins to build and I am not a prop builder.

    Both of the guys teach their handling on executing the change but Lloyd dedicates 20 mins teaching you how to remove and load the gimmick into and out of decks, how to switch them for regular duplicate cards.

    there is one small downside and that is lighting. Lloyd's gimmick requires you to be a bit more careful with lighting situations but nothing someone who is not a total beginner cant handle.

    The wonderful thing about this is that it can be a trick in of itself or used as part of a larger trick. For example, psych force a playing card and have that card print itself visually (as seen in the teaser).

    Over all great product. Well done to Lloyd and Nicholas!

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    One of the best colour changes I have seen ! The gimmicks are super easy to make will take 2-3 mins tops it's super visual In fact so good it looks like a camera trick
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    I think this is absolutely awesome so clean visual definitely going in my close-up act so happy with this!! Well done guys!
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    Chroma by Lloyd Barnes and Nicholas Lawerance is a really good trick, and the method is very smart. This isn't the type of trick that you could perform on the street because there is some angle sensitivity. There are also 2 versions of the trick, the Lloyd Barnes version of the trick is easier and faster to learn the Nicholas Lawerance's version but it is angle sensitive. The Nicholas Lawerance version is a little more harder than Lloyd's version but a bit more angle proof.
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