Breaking Point by Johannes Mengel 

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Breaking Point is an effect which allows you to dislocate your finger and then bend it in impossible ways.

But don't worry, it's not really injured even though it looks so real.

This gruesome routine consists of 3 parts...

1. Dislocate your finger - make it pop out of it's socket
2. Bend your finger impossibly
3. Pop your finger back into place

"This is a great effect! The cracking of the finger is pure eye and ear candy."

- Joe Rindfleisch, Creator Of Fracture

The effect has been tested for several years and never fails to amaze people.

Usually people don’t believe in magic, but sometimes with this effect when I’ve told my spectators that it’s NOT real... they don’t believe me!

This is an effect your spectators WILL remember and gives you the reputation of being able to do more than just magic tricks.

- Impromptu
- No gimmicks
- Easy
- Safe
- Doesn't need flexible fingers
- Finger is fully examinable

“Johannes's Breaking Point is an effective routine based on interesting techniques - I really like it!"

​- Will Houstoun, Creator Of Freak

Perform BELIEVABLE magic and create true ASTONISHMENT anywhere, at any time.

Learn Breaking Point TODAY.

NB! All of Johannes products come with unlimited email support. So if you have questions or need help before or after purchasing any of his effects, he's there for you! If you want to make sure this effect is for you, before you buy it, you can write to him:

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  • by Jarrod Hibberd

    Dec 2018

    Great effect, easy to perform with a few minutes practice and impacting for spectators.

    I performed this for my wife who simply couldn’t watch without cringing. The sound of the bone breaking was a selling point for me and is a real convincer; I can’t wait to show this effect to my friends, family and other spectators.
  • by Niels K.

    Nov 2018

    Great effect that is very easy to learn and instantly produces the expected reaction.
  • by Evan Andrews

    Oct 2018

    I've been doing this effect for years now, it really is easy to perform, it really does generate phenomenal reactions. That promo music though! Wicked! BIG UP!
  • by Sam

    May 2018

    Absolutely ingenious technique for creating the sound! The whole routine is relatively easy to perform, and I would absolutely recommend this to anyone!
  • by Devy

    Mar 2017

    This illusion is so cool, there is nothing like this. I did this for many people at my school, they all just flipped when they here the sound of my finger being is located. You can do this anywhere anytime.
  • by Owen Christensen

    Mar 2017

    If you want people to say "oh God " in a place other than church, this is the effect for you!!!!!!!!
  • by ika

    Feb 2017

    It's amazing what confidence in what you are doing can create. This is something I'll be doing forever
  • by Karl

    Jan 2017

    I was amazed by how the sound is created. It's just brilliant! This is a must have.
  • by Roberto

    Dec 2016

    GREAT! Very clear, all the details to create a powerful effect are explained very well.
  • by Anthony

    Dec 2016

    Great trick, even better reactions! Very happy with the purchase, and well worth it. Easy to learn and very clear instructions.

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