JackBlack by Geraint Clarke

88% of 100

JackBlack is a devastatingly fair, handsfree Blackjack demonstration.

You can control who wins or loses without ever touching the deck.... and the spectator can shuffle multiple times.

Fairly dealing you or themselves either winning or losing hands.

You control luck.

- Handsfree
- Normal Deck
- No Deck Switches
- Spectator Shuffles

However, This isn't a surefire trick that you can perform over and over again, with the same boring outcome.

The great thing about this, is that it never fails, but double Blackjack is one of the best outcomes.

In this download Geraint will talk you through his presentation to ensure the odds of hitting Blackjack are significantly stacked in your favor, and how to recover the trick if they fairly deal themselves a different hand.

He will also teach you his subtleties on how to predict exactly what card they'll need to Win. Confirming you knew what they would deal all along.

Developed over years of real-world performance, we welcome you to the first of the 'Park Cottage Sessions'. 

This is JackBlack.

Learn The Secret TODAY.

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    I just finished watching the explanation and this is quite clever! The thinking behind the methodology is solid. It is obvious that this has been refined over the course of many real world performances. The extra subtleties and additions are a nice touch. The only reason that I gave it 4 stars out of 5 is simply because a borrowed deck cannot be used due to some preparation necessary before the performance. This may or may not be a major concern for some, I will likely either use it as an opener or use a deck switch to do the effect later in a routine. Definitely worth checking out!
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    Geraint shared this with me at the beginning of the new year and I fell in love with it. It's now in my go-to borrowed deck effects!
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