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  • by Lonzo Ball

    Jul 2018

    Best thing I've ever bought. It is worth it just for the false shuffles and false deals. If you liked Mechanic, you will love this project since it goes even more in depth and teaches more moves. More importantly you will learn that Erdnase was not so great after all, and that Madison has taken what he learned from Erdnase and made the moves better, so you should be glad this project is not just teaching Erdnase. This project is also not teaching how to actually cheat, but rather how to use these skills in demonstrations.
  • by Alireza Pouryousef

    May 2018

    I only got the videos so i can say nothing about the deck, but the quality and the teaching is just absolutely phenomenal. I got the full foundation series, Mechanic, Wesly James's Erdnase and obviously this one. I guess if you wanna learn the sleights on video you can never go wrong with this. Compared to mechanic there aren't much newer sleights but everything is more detailed. A lot of what he teaches had been published either in Moves Project or Mechanic. The video is 8 hours long and almost half of it is his philosophies and ideas about this art, which is always worth watching. Even if you learn everything perfectly it isn't complete and doesn't make you Steve Forte. But if you are a beginner or intermediate you can definitely use it to get to a decent knowledge and ability in crooked gambling sleights.
    The only down side about it is the price. Always in all video downloads you pay much more than a book like Expert at the Card Table or Expert Card Technique.
    If you want a cheaper way of learning these sleights you can simply buy a book for less than half the price.
    But if you are like me and can't learn from books easily this download is the best place to get you started.
  • by Sebastian

    Mar 2018

    It is not worth the money if you already bought Mechanic. He teaches nothing really new, one false in the hand shuffle and the rest which is new in this project he even said that he's nearly embarrassed to teach this, because it is so obvious. The only good thing in this project is his opinion the whole cheating demonstration.
    I´m very disappointed in this project and I think I´ve wasted my money.
  • by Mark

    Nov 2017

    It has been awhile since I ordered any online magic or card training product and I stumbled upon this trailer and of course the other reviews.

    This is great stuff. I've had it only a week and I find myself constantly watching the videos over and over, and I've only watched one on false shuffling. The instruction is fantastic and the cards are incredible. I just wish I wasn't so late to the game because i would love to get my hands on a couple more ExM decks.

    Highly recommended. You will correct previous faults and gain a fresh perspective on old moves . Nice work Daniel.
  • by Dom Jo

    Oct 2017

    This is the best tool to help you develop sleights you already know, and learn sleights you don't.
  • by Joshua

    Aug 2017

    Fantastic Product... Did not know with what to expect at first and debated to buy it but then once I bought it I had absolutely no regrets. He is very clear with the mechanics and great pointers on how to make each move better and more unnoticed. BUY IT, ALL OF IT
  • by Claudio

    Jul 2017

    Hi everyone!
    I have to say it's a sublime book I have the original S.W Erdnase book too and Daniel Madison's take on it is a real nice perspective it also made me look at it in a different kinda way.
    It's a pleasing box and package all round the playing cards that are included are better than fine!
    It's really cool that the green edition of the ExM cards are only available in the box set it just gives that exclusive feeling to it and the design is just sublime!
    These are the actual cards that are drawn up in the original book and Madison took this idea and made it into a real deck of supreme playing cards!
    To get back on the book, it contains all the information the original does but with Madison's take on it with his perspective on it, I for one really love it!
    To all of you who are still doubting themselves I say just go for it it's more than worth it!
  • by George

    Jun 2017

    If your thinking about purchasing this...STOP THINKING ABOUT IT AND BUY IT! Hands down best purchase I have made from Ellusionist.
    This is so much more than just just Erdnase X Madison.
  • by Pamela

    May 2017

    This was absolutely worth the money. As a young magician with ADD, it is hard to read older magic books. I have gotten most of my material so far from watching other magicians, and slowing things down. However, this was the perfect way for me to learn all the fundamental sleights. The whole course took me about 2 days to get through because it is just so entertaining and in depth. Warning, this is not a beginner's product. If I had watched this a year ago, I would've been completely lost. Make sure you are at an adept level before taking on this project.
  • by Shawn Beckner

    May 2017

    The true value in this project is the mentality it takes to reach the next level. No matter what level your at it's in the words of Madison. I think this time he came to this project wanting to leave something behind and wipe his hands free of it. So by releasing that knowledge he releases all the good and bad and grief behind his art. There's also a beauty in this product because he touches on the unconscious competence of making a move look natural yet choppy. The art behind how a magician should think is in the confidence he has in himself while performing an act of deception. It's the approach to the emotional response of being deceiving. Here lies that approach. Which in my opinion is a true art in itself. Not allowing your emotions to be truly not dictated by others. This is the art of magic and life. Without it life is DOGMA. I like to thank D.M. for this contribution. Everything will stay sealed on a shelf to remind me. Even though I've spent 12 years learning magic and those very principles that there are some of us looking to do something different then most.

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