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"Absolutely phenomenal..." - Michael Murray

Cipher is a swiss-army app for mentalism, hidden on your phone.

It allows you to reveal:

- Pin Codes
- Star Signs
- Birthdays
... Literally ANY Significant Numbers 

Undoubtably the best mentalism effects you can perform are the classic Number Force, a pin reveal and guessing a strangers star sign.

This digital peek pad allows you to get all this information and more in one easy step. For the fairest performance imaginable.

- No anagrams
- No memory work
- Instant Reset

"They said the day would come when machines would overtake people - That day is today. This is fast and hard hitting."
- Peter Turner

Created by Ellusionist's genius coder Will Jones ( Half man, half binary) along with Geraint Clarke & Lloyd Barnes; this incredible tool will elevate your mentalism with an organic prop you have on you at all times... your phone.

Perform any time, anywhere as one jaw-dropping routine, or use this to get multiple steps ahead of your spectator.

The best kept secret on Team E is now yours.

Download Cipher.

NOTE: Does not work on iPhone 4 models. These are unsupported by Apple now so we aren't able to make this work. 


"An excellent tool..."
 - Marc Kerstein

Customer Reviews
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  1. Norberto


    I have been performing magic, as a full time professional, for over thirty years. But, I always stayed away from performing casually, because I never liked to carry props with me. It felt awkward to pull out a deck of cards in my free time.
    This effect changed my whole point of view about doing magic in an informal setting, not just because the effect is so great, but because it relates to very personal information, meaningful things that we are able to reveal. No props, no strange manouvers, no long steps, no “look how good I am with my hands”.
    Someone said that he would purchase the rights if he had the money.
    I would, too. One of the best investments I made, way underpriced.
  2. Summary


    This is freaking genius and more than five stars. An app so flawless created by the mastermind Will Jones, this is a steal for the price you are paying and how easy it is to do, This is probably cheaper than an ordinary shirt and you will have this forever and blow minds, this should be limited or should cost more, buy it now, it's awesome!
  3. Bhushan


    This is one of the most powerful tools that i have on my smartphone.. And ellusionist support is awesome as usual
  4. Derek


    Great idea, but to be really honest as an Android user, I'm really disappointed at how the design is iPhone based. My friends are both iPhone and Android user, and one look right away we can tell its a fake app. And also saving the app to homescreen there's a small "Google Chrome" icon to it, which further discredit the authenticity of the app.
  5. Christopher


    It's actually pretty crazy to me how well this works. I believed the reviews but couldn't figure out how people wouldn't realize what was going on. That's especially after I showed the trailer to my wife and she picked up on how the info was going in right away. However, once I had the app and had her try it out, she couldn't figure out how I got to the TOXIC reveal. Even though she "knew" kind of how the trick works, it still completely fooled her.

    More importantly, I think the explainer video is the real meat here. The performances are OK, but they also give alternate routines that match my style so much better. They also give great tips on disconnecting the setup from the reveals.

    The app on the home screen is spot on. I've already made the mistake of using it as my real calculator and getting very confused after a certain point!

    I got this with the How To Read Minds Kickstarter. Once it's available, if you're just starting mental magic I strongly recommend pairing the two. Crazy effects possible.
  6. Shawn


    This is a Great and Powerful app. You can get so much info from someone just by using a calculator. Their star sign, bday, age pin number, plus combined with toxic! I LOVE this !!
    I combine this with so many tricks I already own.
    example: I do the lotto part first. Then I revile their star sign with the packet trick The Sign with out asking them any questions, Then take change out of my pocket with exact change and ask their age and that amount of chance was in my pocket matched.Tthen I unlock their phone.
    Its that good!
  7. John


    This is just fantastic! Genius work from Will, Gerraint and Lloyd. I’m thrilled I will be able to do something so strong at a moments notice. The quality of instruction is top notch too!
  8. Charles


    Unsupported BS! It’s never properly worked since the first day I bought it! I’m still sadly waiting for the update as promised that was going to fix the plethora of issues it has! Great idea but poorly executed!


    If you are into mentalism, and predicting birthdays, zodiac signs and pin numbers are your styles(+much more), then click BUY IT NOW, worth every penny,
  10. Abhishek


    I have never before written a review about a magic product. But, this thing here is ingenious. What else could you ask for this price. People are amazed. They never think twice about backtracking the steps.

    What you are getting here should have been very limited in my opinion, because its that good. Just salute the brain of Will Jones, and hit the buy button.!

    Truly inspiring creation with multiple possibilities.
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