Red Knights Playing Cards

Red Knights Playing Cards

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  • by tyler bennett

    Feb 2018

    Very very good. Would recommend
  • by Dan

    Jan 2018

    I like original more. The color and handling is really cool. Perhaps Knights are the best deck I have used. The only minus in this deck are borders they are very thick. I just hate thick borders.
  • by Amir a.

    Dec 2017

    Mine came with the foil like glitter on the outside and got my hands full of glittery foil. Other than that they were great
  • by Cody McLarnon

    Dec 2017

    One of the best decks of cards I have. I highly recommend them.
  • by Byron Harrison

    Oct 2017

    The cards didn't come in card order I don't know if they were made to be that way. The cut didn't feel clean and more rigid. In the end they are still cards with a great design and colour.

    *Ellusionist note*. Cards are in mnemonica stack. This order is specific.
  • by al

    Oct 2017

    This deck is great. Definitely worth buying for magic and or cardistry or even just for your deck collection. Buy this one for sure.
  • by Ty

    Sep 2017

    Beautiful all around
  • by Anthony

    Jul 2017

    Got mine today and I love em. If you love the Gold Knights, you'll love these ones as well. Even though I'm a beginner at cardistry, they still feel and look amazing... recommended...
  • by Jim S.

    Jul 2017

    This is a killer deck!!!! Everything I love about the original Knights is there.... feel, handling , looks......but the RED really makes this deck pop!!! Bought 2 decks... should have bought a brick..... sure to sell out....
  • by Abel

    Jul 2017

    This deck is absolutely stunning! The stock and feel are what you would expect from these two masters. I bought a brick; I NEVER want to run out!

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