Disparos Black Playing Cards

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  1. Josh


    Great for teaching kids about the hispanic culture, death and doom, and what a human skull looks like after the meat rots off our flesh after being burned or buried. Also a useful segue into using some crafty patter explaining what to do with tequila shots, and more importantly, getting them to put in some hours of practice before their 10th B-days. Gets em really excited for the game. Just couldn’t get them to stop asking for more incessantlu, so went for the rum and Pirates theme to help rhem move on. Unfortunately, “Jake and the neverland pirates is a big deal around here. Fortunately, my 3y/o yelled “Saki bomb” at just the right moment, and then the heat was off the near-empty bottle of Cuervo Especial that I was hoping to drink alone with my wife as intimate “body shots” erupting from orifices kids should not need to be educated about if it’s presently not well understood, so I will leave the graphical writing to another setting
  2. Summary


    These cards are sick(in both ways),great for card collectors.
    The jokers blend in a bit with the back design,but the face cards are so
    detail. Love them you need to buy,plus great for Halloween.
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