WOW Money by Masuda & Lloyd Barnes

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You grab your keys, your grab your phone. You don't NOT grab this. 


Everyone knows WOW, everyone can perform WOW... but not everyone wants to. Putting a playing card inside a sleeve looks odd to most audiences.


With the 2019 WOW Money gimmick, because it's introduced as your slimline RFID wallet, you can now perform WOW without causing suspicion.


Take advantage of these flawless visuals with something that looks natural to your audiences.


This is just one idea for an impactful presentation...


Imagine yourself asking a spectator to pull out a credit card and hold it in their hand.


You tell them that thieves can steal money off your Visa by using electronics*, watch how fast it happens!


In a nanosecond, with your WOW Money gimmick near the spectator’s credit card, the $10 bill changes visually to an examinable $20 note... or any bill you choose.


Of course this isn't technology, it's magic.


Lloyd Barnes & Ellusionist teamed up with Masuda to bring WOW into the modern day.



  • Bill changes.
  • Penetrations.
  • Angle Z in a new way.

In fact, WOW Money is so versatile, even the stunning slow-motion bill change might be the most boring thing you can do with this gimmick.


It requires ZERO sleight-of-hand and is available in US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds & Euros.


With the Masuda exclusive, Ellusionist will be the only place for you to get your WOW Money.


An essential every day carry for magician.


Order TODAY.


DISCLAIMER: WOW Money isn't an actually RFID wallet, it's one of a series of new WOW gimmicks in development with Lloyd Barnes & Masuda.

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  1. Summary


    As with all my tricks I have bought online and have ended up in my "magicians bottom drawer", I was a little unsure about this until I saw a review online that said it was easy and ready to perform "out of the box". How right they were! I am so pleased with this item and would just say make sure you get one!
  2. Michael


    So, I haven't bought a magic trick in almost 10 years. Due to the nature of my events, I have just performed the same 5 tricks the last 10 years. But with adding a couple restaurants last fall and having repeat customers, I need to grab a few "goodies" that were quick and visual. I have PLENTY of books but because I have 4 kids at home, I stay CONSTANTLY busy and don't time to really invest in reading anymore like I did when it was just me and my wife (*SIGH* Those were the good ole days!)

    After watching a few trailers, I decided to pull the trigger and grab this!

    I've had the original WOW gimmick for years but never used it. Just never had any logic to it. But after busting WOW Money out last night for the first time, everything felt 'right'!

    I was able to quickly watch the video instructions and learn a couple effects LITERALLY before heading out the door. The reactions were solid and every table totally thought it was indeed a 'slim line wallet' :)

    My ONLY gripe is that I often try to only use tricks that reset immediately. This one isn't INSTANTLY resettable for the trick I went with but for several others on the video, it is.

    With that being said, it still only took a few seconds for me to reset off to the side.

    GREAT release guys!

  3. Summary


    This was bought as a gift, it's a really great idea, but SO many people know about this gimmick for a playing card that you're often busted on the first go.

    Also overpriced and felt bad when I saw how much they had paid :-/ $10 - $15 max.
  4. matthew


    Overpriced for what it is. I was skeptical when I bought it and I was right to be. My friends figured out the gimmick after seeing it done once. It works as a minimalist wallet, though you can’t hold more than a few bills or cards with it.
  5. Summary


    Thx. The fact of the Card in the wow Gimmick keept me away of purchasing it. i reale love your idea with the money. Thank you so much for adding €. Now i will definitly get one of this high visual Trick i always thought of. Just Need to wait till i get paid ;)
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