Stack Watch by Peter Turner

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Stack Watch

The Tactical Mnemonica Decoder

What time is it?

What position is the 5 of clubs in mnemonica?

One quick glance at your watch during performance can tell you both pieces of information.

THE STACK WATCH is the world's first anti-memory wearable for stack work in card magic.

A covert, must-wear device for deciphering a stacked deck... Without you having to ever know stack.

Dynamically tracking the ever-changing position of every card in a mixed deck.

Forget Resolutions

There's a reason millions of gym memberships go to waste and diets always start 'NEXT' Monday.

People are busy and the lowest task on their priority list gets kicked to the curb.

Mnemonica is without a doubt, one of the strongest, most incredible tools in magic. There's a reason Blaine's TV and private performances contain a lot of mem-deck stuff... but it's damn hard to learn.

You always tell yourself you will, but you won't.

The good news with THE STACK WATCH is that it puts Mnemonica back on the table... Like a giant calorie-free sundae for magic.

You don't need to try to learn it, because the watch is there for you, exactly when you need it. It's instant, requires no work, no memory songs, no concentration and no testing.

Everything you can do with mnemonica has just been made simple, because you don't have to learn it.

Don't say I will. Say I don't need to.

Cheat Code Unlocked

If magic were a video game, THE STACK WATCH would be a cheat code to unlock a level 9000 Wizard with unparalleled powers.

The bezel silently surf's around the dial and is completely bidirectional.

This ability to move in a fluid motion can help you track the decks order, even if it's cut.

Something, up until now, only the most skilled memory-workers could master.

This allows you to achieve STACKED DECK mastery. Everything taught in Tamariz' Mnemonica or Pit Hartling's incredible book 'In Order To Amaze' is now possible to perform with the STACK WATCH.


Watch Stack in Action - E Live Stream


Twist & track every card in every position of the deck. If the spectator names position 16 and the 5 of clubs, you just twist the dial to that position. Now it shows that you need to cut the 8 of hearts to the face of the deck to ensure the ACAAN is bang on.  

Quality over Quantity

This isn't a gimmick. The word gimmick suggests it's cheap, disposable and into minute 14 of it's 15 minutes of fame.

The stack watch is a utility timepiece. A tactical decoder that just happens to be hidden on a high-quality watch. No expense spared.

The black steel band secures a Japanese movement timepiece powered by a quartz ultra SL68 movement.

No software updates and no pairing.

Luminous Absorption

Stack Watch's dial is coated with a luminous absorption material to ensure the key markers are with you 24/7.

It can go as long as you can - and beyond. 

The creation

Every idea is like a rock. Every product is a polished jewel.

The jewel was ALWAYS there, under the rough exterior, but it needed exposing. That refining within this industry is where classics are born.

In mid-2019, Peter Turner approached the Ellusionist team at a Penthouse party in Las Vegas. He had the idea of putting a stack crib on a watch face. Instead of numbers, it was playing cards.

52 minutes, washed away by the more important information. The deck.

He'd had the idea for years, but has never released a device to the industry before... and didn't know where to start.

He didn't know STACK, he'd never even tried to learn it, but this new idea would make his efforts obsolete anyway. It just needed to be realized.

Fast forward 14 days and 6 hours later and a DHL delivery driver knocked his door with the very first STACK prototype.

The numbers weren't perfect, the band wasn't tailored, but it was PROOF. Proof that it DOES work.

Later that day, Geraint Clarke joined Pete on a catch-up Skype call and said "Why don't you put the cards on a silent, bidirectional bezel. Like a divers watch."

That one refinement would allow magicians to re-track the order of a mixed (cut multiple times) stacked deck, with nothing but a twist. Something that looks natural and can be done right under the spectators nose.

The STACK WATCH was born.

In the following months, the Team has received, worn, used and broken tens of prototypes in their pursuit of perfection.

Now, customers can be safe in the knowledge that this wasn't a one and done product. We've produced something for us that we can also sell. Not something to sell, that we'll never use.


Customer Reviews
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  1. Summary


    AMAZING CONCEPT. But not sure I will be able to use it because you need to have pretty good sight, specially performing in low light environments.
  2. Summary


    I am really interested in learning the mnemonica stack and the tricks you can do with it but my memory is not great, perhaps due to my age! This watch has helped me out massively! Its a good quality watch and the routines you get with it are amazing and Peter Turner even teaches you some forces which have been brilliant to perform! The only downside is the bezel which does move too quickly but lots of people have mentioned that and its a very minor defect. I will be using this watch more now!
  3. William


    As another reviewer said I'm a little split on this watch, because the watch is a terrific idea but very poor execution.

    I hate to be the realist here, but for everyone claiming to be a watch guy, either we got two different watches or you don't know what you are looking at. To be fair the one I received was not scratched and they had wrapped most of it in a plastic sheeting to protect the finish. However, the finish is thin lacquer which is going to rub off if you try everyday use. The bezel is fairly loose, spinning with extremely little resistance to hold it's setting, and had play when lifting it slightly away from the face. Ultimately I would worry how much more play would be introduced with use. The case casting is okay, but has roughly finished edges. The watchband as other have alluded to, is garbage; the steel band has a thinly applied finish. The links split while I was trying to resize the watch and every pin I pulled was bent at least slightly. While the watch states it's waterproof, if you're too rough on it and expose it to salt water I suspect it will show surface rust. The Japanese quartz ultra Sl68 movements are probably a mostly chinese part, possibly at best assembled in Japan. In simple terms, as a watch only it's poorly made.

    In terms of a Mnemonica Decoder though, it does what it says it will and is a pretty valuable tool. If you take what I paid $50 dollars, say $10-15 dollar watch and $35-40 dollar trick, well you still get what you pay for; because of this I gave it four stars.

    Ultimately I would have preferred a nicer watch which I realize would raise the price point. This one isn't suited for wearing everyday, at best you could wear it to perform. Hopefully in the future there might be more options.

  4. Summary


    This is a very good product, I was scared about this because other reviews said that the watch came scratched or that the dial turns to easy but I have had a problem with mine, the only problem I did run into was the resizing, I have very small wrists and I wish you could remove more from the band but you can only pop out 4 and even with removing all the links the watch still fits pretty lose so I have to wear it over my sleeve. other than that I would say this is a good tool to use for mnemonica and would highly recommend it.
  5. Summary


    I LOVE this watch! Love the look and feel of it! Everything was well explained! I did give this 4 stars because my bezel does not line up like it should but other than that I'm happy!
  6. Gary


    My first review didn’t go through but I think it’s important that this watch is very good and will be using it. For me the quality isn’t good the strap came scratch all over, the strap also feels and sounds very tinny when worn and the bezel/dial turn to easily and moves on its own. I’ve now changed the strap. In all a very good watch brilliant idea but would of rather spent £100 + knowing the quality would be better 3 stars overall but 5 stars for the idea of the stack watch
  7. Gary


    First of all great idea but unfortunately the quality of the watch is terrible, mine arrived scratched along the strap, the strap sounds like tin and jingles around even with a pink out. I’ve now ditched the strap and bought a quality one. Again brilliant idea and I love the watch just really bad quality.
  8. Filip


    Somehow my first review did not go through.

    So well. I am a bit picky with things and how my first impression feels like.

    Well my watch came scratched on the body of the watch where the band is attached to the watch and the band it self is scratched a bit too on the side. My problem is that when some one says it is a good quality watch I would expect quality check before it has been shipped.

    The bezel to my feeling moves too easily. Just by wearing the watch and do my errands it moves so when I want to perform I need to make sure that the crown is where it should be.

    Then what I miss on the teaching videos is closer look on the watch and how to set it up. I somehow did not catch the part how do you count the part where it says Chrono. when I adjust the watch and the card is prior Chrono how do I count? I totally know that you did us a favour and shipped us the watch sooner and had to make the teaching videos real fast. But, to actually really show us how to adjust the bezel and how to count after Chrono would help. Sure I can figure it out somehow...

    BUT... never the less I'm not disappointed with the purchase. I will use the watch as it feels nice on the wrist.

    Guys, I do not want to discourage from buying/ It is a great tool and it is worth the money.

    As I said. When I receive something that has been scratched then I tend to put stars down...

    **** Ellusionist response **** - All damaged or scratched goods can be replaced, simply get in touch with us on and we'll gladly send a replacement if the watch has been damaged or scratched in transit.
  9. Filip


    hmm... well... I was absolutely sold to the watch as it sounds like a great tool. I immediately ordered it, because I thought I will get a great watch and a tool I can use for magic.

    somehow I get mixed feelings now. The bezel moves extremely lightly that means when ever I wanna perform I need to check that it is set correctly at 12 o'clock. The steel band is a bit starched right out of the box and on the sides of the watch where the band goes the watch itself is scratched from probably factory that placed the band in place.

    I am still happy with the watch I do believe that it will be used, but I am somewhat a bit disappointed at the same time...

    I guess mostly because of the first impression that didn't tell me oh wow. amazing...
  10. Marco


    Being a watch guy. I was quite impressed with the watch and design. One of my spring bars was bent. So that made me decide to switch mine to an elegant leather band. The routines taught are great. I’m enjoying mine.
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