TNT by Luke Oseland

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One card is shown, signed, torn and restored... in the most impossible way.


There are a million and one 'Torn and Restored' card effects out there, but not many of them, if any, start with one card and end with an inspectable, signed impossible object that you give to your spectator.


TNT, or Torn 'n' Transformed is Luke's creative answer to one of magic's most impressive plots - Tearing & restoring a card.


For those that don't know Luke as a creator, we've had our eye on him for many years. He didn't know it back then, but we knew he had the potential for greatness. (Side-note: you may have seen his debut Ellusionist release PORTAL)


His gimmicks are inventive, flawless and can often be adapted to many other things.


Despite being only 17, you can find his name amongst the 'Magic Consultant' credits in Dynamo's newest TV special. Trust us when we say, this guy knows visual magic.


For TNT, we opened the trailer with a full restoration of this signed card. As magicians, we can all appreciate the visual, the instant restoration and the motivated clean-up.


What you see is what you get.


The gimmick is engineered in such a way that the single, signed card NEVER leaves your audience's sight during performance.


It starts as one signed card and ends as one transformed, signed card.


This can then be immediately handed out to your spectator upon restoring... Making it remarkable.


Relatively easy to make at home, TNT can be prepared ahead of time and added to your deck in an instant. 


Learn, build & use TNT TODAY.

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  1. Summary


    Luke showed me this at Blackpool magic convention.
    He absolutely blew me away with this. It’s such an awesome torn and restored effect.

    The question I always ask myself is ... “is this workable”
    By that I mean. Is it practical. Can it be used in a walk around gig. Sometimes you can by an effect and it’s just not practical enough for walk around scenarios...
    For me I would use this in walk around.

    I’ve played around with this for a while now. Would I recommend it?

    Great work Luke! I’m excited to see future releases from you!
  2. Summary


    Yes it takes some prep time, but the pay off is worth it! I'd reccommend checking this out!
  3. Charlie


    The most practical TNR I’ve seen in a long time with an ending that captures the magic, I can imagine many professionals doing this with their business cards. Who isn’t going to book you after you hand them that to keep ?
  4. Bogdan


    Another amazing effect from Luke. This is that one thing you do at the end of your set to blow everyone away. Highly recommend this!
  5. Summary


    TNT is such a great twist on the ordinary TNR. Absolutely love it. Another absolute cracker from Luke!!!
  6. Summary


    Ok this is insane! I’ve learnt a few torn and restored over the years but I think this is my new favourite. So fooling!! Don’t buy it please I don’t want anyone else to learn it....
  7. Summary


    LOVE this. Really usable. Saw Luke perform it recently and it blew me away. Really well taught
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