BDSM by Kim Andersen


Introducing the most versatile sleight since the double lift.


How often do you use a double-lift in your card magic? In 80% of your routines? More?


BDSM is a versatile sleight devised by Kim Andersen to overhaul a large number of plots you already perform - with one major advancement. 


Use it for:

  •  Palms
  •  Color changes
  •  Inversion routines
  •  Card-to-wallet
  •  Card-to-pocket
  •  Card-to-shoe
  • & much much more


Kim Anderen is a Danish TV Superstar, well-respected magic creator & a 'third dan' white belt of Taratoga Springs Karate school.


You may know him from The Silver Edge, Silver Edge 2 and as the guy from your sister's dreams.


BDSM marks his greatest achievement to date. A super-versatile sleight that comes with an entourage of 4 awesome routines.



#1. PERVERSION 2.0 - As a homage to Chris Kenner's famous 'Perversion' routine, Kim uses BDSM to flip-reverse reality and mess with your spectator's mind. The card turns upside-down, the deck turns upside-down, then their mind turns upside-down.


#2. LEATHER FACE - This is card-to-wallet, with the spectator holding the wallet from the very beginning. Imagine this as a proposition bet, you bet your money before they select or sign a card. With an empty hand, you unzip your wallet and it's there. Straight-up Wizardry.


#3. MUFFIN CHANGE - Do you know the muffin man? THE MUFFIN MAN! Kim does, he'll show you how to use the Muffin Man's most powerful routine, changing a random card into their signed selection by reverse palming it from the center. As smooth as spreading hot butter on warm toast


#4. FOOT FETISH - Okay, we're willing to go on record and say this is the best 'card to shoe' routine we've ever seen. No set-up, no forces and ultra-clean. All movements are processed in half-speed so your audience suspects nothing, leaving the only explanation to be level 9000 magic... This is one you'll be performing within minutes.


When purchasing BDSM, you'll get access to every valuable morsel of footage we shot. Included within this 3-hour vessel is 38 full minutes of Kim trying to wrangle the tipsy patrons of London. His lasso of choice... BDSM.


Cards were coming out everywhere, from his wallet, from his shoe, from his pocket - in the fairest manner possible.


The reactions were insane and it proved to us that the most effective magic is the unseen, untelegraphed moves that just work.


In this extensive tuition, Kim will teach you how to reverse-palm a signed selection from the center of the deck underneath the cover of an X-card. Once you master this technique it'll feel like kicking a soda-bottle into a trash-can from 30 feet away... EPIC.


Shot in January 2020, BDSM was the catalyst behind the legend of 'Danish Blaine' and we couldn't be more proud to finally be able to share it with you.




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