Killer Card Work Bundle

Killer Card Work Bundle

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These DVDs are perfect for the magician who is looking to further their magical education.

This is a little bit of what you'll find in these 3 DVDs:

Top Palm Forces Bullet Deal
Passes Double Lifts Card to Pocket
Top Changes Triple Lifts Magic Theory
Card Controls Various Cuts Double Undercut
Grip Great Card Tricks Bottom Palm

Marlo Tilt

Ambitious Card Trick (Vernon Depth Illusion) Switches
Card to Pocket Vegas Cheat Routine Much much more...

Ninja-1, Ninja-2 and Kard Klub are available on DVD. You get incredible video quality with the ease of being able to forward and rewind as much as you want to without damaging the disc. You can instantly skip to anyplace on the DVD and watch the section you want right away.

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