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From Ellusionist and acclaimed performer Wayne Houchin (creator of Sinful, the signed coin through soda can) comes Stigmata.

The spectator thinks of anything. A name. A number. A memory. With the thought in mind, the spectator squeezes your wrist. Tightly.


When the spectator releases, red marks appear on your arm where they were squeezing. These marks of blood under the skin then slowly, visually, clearly re-arrange themselves into the shape of the spectator's selection. Seeing is believing.

" out any predecessors that came anywhere close to it." - Banachek, one of the world's foremost mentalists


The unparalleled DVD features in-depth, precise instruction on multiple applications of this ingenious technique. Armed with this knowledge, you will have the power to unleash an effect on your spectators that some of the brightest minds in magic have regarded as a gold-certified gem.
"...blurs the line of illusion and reality." - Andrew Gerard, Consultant, A&E's Mindfreak Series
  • • No gimmicks, props, or setup. No reset.
  • • Impromptu-- in every sense
" surpasses Sinful." - Roy Ornelas, TX
  • • Everything is taught in complete detail
  • • Available in high resolution download and DVD
"...leave spectators speechless." - Bethea Baker, NC
  • • Easy to perform but your performance will be everything
"...the effect has been fine tuned to a near masterpiece." - David E. Smith, AZ

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  • by Devin Von Tauffkirchen

    Oct 2015

    I was really cautious about getting this trick, worrying that it might be a little too complicated for myself or possibly just too easy to make a mistake. Boy, was I wrong. This is a truly stunning effect that has received my best reactions to date. It's beginner friendly, fits well with any routine, and is easily worth the money. Thank you for this brilliant... "ellusion" ;D
  • by Ben Falxon

    Nov 2013

    This effect is extremely versatile and very easy to set up its practically impromptu, I perform it all the time and it is great.
  • by Jeremy Proffitt

    Oct 2013

    To be quite honest this might be the best trick on E. You can do this anywhere, anytime, any place. I freaked myself out just practicing. You can pick this up in less than 3 minutes. Wayne explains everything in detail. This is truely amazing, and I can't wait to freak my wife out.....
  • by Nathan Blondin

    Sep 2013

    So easy and so rewarding !!! Add to cart, you won't regret it !
  • by mike t

    Aug 2013

    This was the first time I've seen anything from Wayne, and after reading the reviews I had to get it. By far the best and most entertaining download on this site that I've come across. Not only does he break down every move in great detail, but he also shows you moves to set the trick up(like a card force) for people not familiar with things like that. The trick is easy to do, but my favorite part of it all is how entertaining the video was. Lots of comedy injected into the video by wayne during his performances(he show you many of those with different types of people), but he's also funny when he's teaching one on one. Stop reading these reviews and just buy it.
  • by Carl Karlsson

    Aug 2013

    A very creepy way to reveal a card. If you wanna go all mindfreak style like Criss Angel, this is the trick for you lol.
  • by Adrien Wald

    Aug 2013

    Mr. Wayne Houchin. Congraz, you have just exploded my mind. And then I watched the video and it was restored. only for me to explode some of my friends minds and continuing to destroying strangers minds. Not literally though, but very close. One of my spectators actually got into somewhat of a shock! To anyone who is uncertain wether to buy this, only one thing to say, BUY IT! BUY IT, because if you don't you WILL MISS OUT on something AMAZING!
  • by James Mac Arthur

    Jun 2013

    This trick is freaky. In numerous ways actually. The first being how scary it is for spectators and the second being how easy it is to do. Wayne is one of my favorite teachers and this is a great DVD.
  • by Hunter Drago

    May 2013

    This is an amazing trick that plays as real magic. This does not, however, work with all skin types. It does with most light skin and all dark skin.
  • by michael blau

    May 2013

    Great product hands down. Love this so much and the reactions are amazing. If i ever mess up a trick I always lead into this right after to cover it up. I highly recommend this. ADD TO CART!!!!! 5/5

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