Sortkwik Hand-Finger Moistener

Sortkwik Hand-Finger Moistener

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There are times when every magician needs a little "assistance" from an outside source. Sometimes it's a "special" card, an interesting coin, an accomplice or even a special technique from an editing studio. It happens all the time, all good magicians take advantage of every opportunity. Sortkwik is one of those advantages that not too many people know about, or are willing to share with those who don't.

Now you can ALWAYS be ready even when your hands aren't. Sortkwik provides the perfect balance between grip and naturalness that is not often found in other products, sometimes not even found in nature. Greaseless and odorless, it won't ruin your cards or coins, and it won't leave a sticky residue on them like other products might.

Hand lotions are greasy and sometimes can actually make a bad situation worse. Even when you think they are rubbed in properly, there can still be enough transfer to affect the quality of your materials. Sortkwik doesn't leave any residue that can adversely affect your cards or coins.

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  • by Marc Decelles

    May 2016

    It's just awesome!! With this product, magic is way easier
  • by Bobby Keicher

    Nov 2010

    Big help!
  • by Jeni

    Feb 2010

    This is great to have. It gives my fingertips the perfect amount of moisture to be able to handle cards well and it doesn't ruin my cards like other lotions do.
  • by Geir Illing Nordvik

    Jun 2009

    Sortkwik works perfectly for me. I always have my hands ready for any routine now. 5 stars to this product.
  • by rob santo

    May 2009

    I have dry hands, works great with invisable deck & gaff decks
  • by Jerry

    Mar 2009

    First off, though I have not purchased my Sortkwik through Ellusionist, I have been using it for a while.

    This is a really excellent product for us cardicians, it is much better than using lotion as it really doesn't leave any residue or grease on your fingers or cards.

    You just apply a little bit to your finger tips and rub them till it dries (a few seconds) and you are ready to go. It lasts for quite a while, and at $1.86 per container you cannot go wrong.

    I have tried a lot of lotions, and they really mess up the cards. I suffer from dry hands which can make it tough to get the cards where I want them using the light touch that I am used too. This is especially a problem if you like to wash your hands right before handling cards because most soaps dry out your skin. Sortkwik solves that problem, it is so tiny you can just keep it in a pocket. I also keep one stuck to the bottom of my close up table so I can have easy access in times of need!

    I was actually really surprised to see it listed here as I actually only found out about it from the secretary where I work. I saw her using it and asked about it. So I had a good laugh when I saw it show up here. And I though I was the only one using it!

    All in all, if you suffer from dry hands, this will be a blessing to you and your cards. Be sure not to overlook such a simple but amazing tool!

    I give it two well moisturized and grippy thumbs up! (wow that was cheezy)

    P.S. If you are a fan of the black tiger decks or the vipers, you will like the fact that Sortkwik does not contain anything that will cause the ink to bleed to your finger tips like a lot of hand lotions.

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