Sortkwik Hand-Finger Moistener

Sortkwik Hand-Finger Moistener

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There are times when every magician needs a little "assistance" from an outside source. Sometimes it's a "special" card, an interesting coin, an accomplice or even a special technique from an editing studio. It happens all the time, all good magicians take advantage of every opportunity. Sortkwik is one of those advantages that not too many people know about, or are willing to share with those who don't.

Now you can ALWAYS be ready even when your hands aren't. Sortkwik provides the perfect balance between grip and naturalness that is not often found in other products, sometimes not even found in nature. Greaseless and odorless, it won't ruin your cards or coins, and it won't leave a sticky residue on them like other products might.

Hand lotions are greasy and sometimes can actually make a bad situation worse. Even when you think they are rubbed in properly, there can still be enough transfer to affect the quality of your materials. Sortkwik doesn't leave any residue that can adversely affect your cards or coins.

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