Quick Start Super-KIt

Quick Start Super-KIt

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You will do powerful and impossible magic the very first day you receive "The Super Kit".

The Ellusionist Team designed this super-kit with the beginner in mind.  Loads of Best-of-Breed tricks are packed into the super-charged package and the price has been discounted OVER 50% for a limited time.

"Within the first day that I watched Street Magic I levitated for my wife while wearing only shorts and a T-shirt and absolutely blew her mind." - - W.N. - Ellusionist Forums

The videos in this package star one of the most effective teachers of magic in magic, Brad Christian. 

The owner of this set is given a wealth of information by Brad on sleights, performances, spectator control, routining, angles and how to practice. These videos alone will catapult the beginner out of the standard "pick a card" tricks and into an entertainer who can amaze at will using ordinary objects.  Recommended for users 12 and up.

•Almost 6 hours of brilliant instruction with over 40 tricks INCLUDED

•Uses ordinary objects to teach and amaze

•An incredible introduction to magic

•Easy, easy, easy to learn and perform, for anyone 12 and up

Supercharging your ability to learn quickly and easily, the package puts a juggernaut of hard to find information at your fingertips in a visual, step-by-step format. Proven over and over, people have accomplished amazing results by using the powerful secrets in this effective triple combination.

"In 3 weeks I am the talk of the office.  I hear people talking about me to their wives on the phone."  - Blake Grice, Anderson, SC.

The Quick Start Super Kit was designed to take the beginner from 0-60 fast. Never have results been so within the grasp of the ordinary person who wanted to learn magic. You'll perform your first trick in an hour or two.

The video combines gritty, stylized footage with superb, hard hitting tricks that use ordinary objects to amaze anyone.  This is what the super-kit is all about... teaching advanced, mind blowing magic and making it as simple as humanly possible for people to learn as quickly as possible.  "The stuff in the package will propel you to "Guru" status." -Bill Douglas, Augusta, GA

"I just watched the Street Video and I am blown away. This is the best resource I've seen." - Corey Smith, Richland - WA

"My girl's father had his hands on his head, her mother stood staring at me with her mouth opened, and the neighbor, well she actually screamed!!! I mean she SCREAMED..."  - Fernando Cruz - San Jose, CA.

How To Do Street Magic Blistering beginners visual video designed to get you up and running FAST. This video started Ellusionist. A best seller to this day.

Inside Magic The follow up second video teaches tricks that trigger automatic reactions in spectators. You'll feel like you're one-on-one with Brad and he takes you by the hand and walks you through the process of creating illusion.

Crash Course in Sleight of Hand Card Tricks. Gets more results faster than any other video in its class, guaranteed. Teaches high impact card magic you can do anywhere. Includes a couple of David Blaine's incredible card tricks.

King Rising Levitation Raise 3-4 inches off the ground at will. Both feet are seen hovering in the air.

The Trick Sharpie A spectator thinks of a card and uses a Sharpie pen to write it down. When he looks at the Sharpie closely the word "Sharpie" has changed to "6 of Clubs" which is the card he thought of!

Four 1.5 inch sponge balls Goes with some of the tricks in the Inside Magic DVD. Watch kids react to THIS one!

Vernet Thumbtip Make things disappear and change with ease! One of the classics and a MUST HAVE. Included. Also included is a book that gives you 101 SWEET tricks and illusions you can perform with the classic thumbtip device.

The Black Ghost Playing Cards Designed by Ellusionist. You need a black deck if you're a magician. INCLUDED.

Added together, the items above come to more than $180. This is all you'll need. Gives everything imaginable. Discounted to $89.95, over 50% off during this special time.

"As a physician who has been schooled by hundreds of teachers and professors over thirteen years of training, I get a little chuckle out of knowing that Brad has been the most capable instructor I've come across, bar none. PS: off the record, I did the King Rising levitation today at work and had a nurse nearly go berserk. Thanks for that too." - Marc Miller (Physician), Wisconsin, USA.

Click Add to Cart and take advantage of this special offer. Never will you find a more effective package of magic.

Customer Reviews

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  • by Anthony Appleby

    Nov 2013

    I'm glad I made the choice to buy the super kit, this kit was awesome within a few hours I went from been able to open a deck of cards to been able to open a deck of cards and able to preform. This was one of the first things I received from Ellusionist and my experience was incredible I will be a loyal customer for many years to come.
  • by RiddhiPratim

    Jul 2013

    Very helpful and really helped me to improve my skills, all tricks explained clearly and in simple mode
  • by gary roe

    May 2013

    This box set can't be beat. My working set has become 10 times better than it was.
  • by Scott

    Mar 2013

    This is what I got 10 years ago (VHS tapes at the time), and this is what shaped me into the magician I am today. I am very thankful for Ellusionist for putting together the ultimate beginner/intermediate program available ever. I will highly recommend this to anybody over anything else. I would not be highly skilled at sleight of hand card magic if it wasn't for this set. If your new to magic, or looking for something to get your kid who is interested, do what my dad did, and get this set. It will last a lifetime.
  • by Richard Brealey

    Mar 2013

    Absolutely great for a beginner magician! It comes with everything that you need to stun and amaze your friends, family and colleagues. I'm really satisfied with this bundle and would recommend this to any novice magician who wants to be on the street performing magic days after it arrives.
  • by Connor Macdonald

    Jan 2013

    Couldn't get better: I expected some DVDs and a bonus trick deck, and got WAY MORE than I bargained for. With barely 3 mins practice after watching Brad explain a trick I had my family guessing, wanting more. There isn't anything out there thats as good as this for beginners. Get it as soon as possible.
  • by Alejandro Vargas

    Aug 2009

    They are a super kit of magic

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