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There are six routines given in the DVD but you'll come up with your own. The premise behind Window is simple. A selected card penetrates the glass, then changes into a different selected card whilst still behind the glass. This is completely hands off - there is no possible way you can get to the card on the other side of the glass - but it still magically changes.


Q. Where Can I Perform this?
A. You can perform Window on the Windscreen of a car, through a shop Window, on sliding glass doors, in a glass elevator - wherever there is a pane of glass that you can safely reach, you can perform Window. *You will need to be able to get to the OTHER side of the Glass in order to hand the selected card back to the Spectator - but the harder it is to do this, the more impossible the effect will seem to your audience.

Q. Do I need anything else to perform this?
A. No. There’s a beautiful hand-made gimmick INCLUDED, so you can perform straight out of the box. You will need tape to stick it onto the Window, and David teaches a number of different performance ideas that use items like a regular Red Bicycle Deck, Windex (window cleaner) and a cloth etc - you can see where we're going with this.

Q. How hard is WINDOW?
A. Easier than Tarantula but harder than the Ball & Vase.  You won’t have problems. There are several ways to perform the effect. In the most difficult routine you do a force and a top change. In the easiest you simply make the card change behind glass.

Q. How complicated is the reset on this?
A. The reset is instant.

Q. How complicated is the gimmick?
A. As far as using it goes - not at all. If you can use sticky-tape and wave your hand, you can perform Window. The gimmick itself takes does all the work for you, with David Stone taking an hour and a half to manufacture one himself by hand... Ok. David Stone doesn't really make the gimmicks himself, he's too busy performing the trick to people who pay good money to see him. Your hand-made gimmick constructed by his team will be included in your package though, no worries.

Q. Why perform this behind glass? Isn't it just a color change?

A. Pick which way gets 20 times the reaction. The Erdnase change above, or doing the exact same thing to a card with a massive pane of glass in the way. That's why it's done behind Glass. The full routine (below) shows just how impressive this effect really is.

You’ll have a perfect time making your reputation with WINDOW. Order it today.

  • • Ultra Visual
  • • Instant reset
  • • Unlimited Possibilities
  • • Hand the card out and leave it with the spectator
  • • Training by FISM winner David Stone
  • • 6 Complete routines
  • • Hand-made sturdy gimmick INCLUDED
  • • No one ever sees the gimmick or knows it's there
  • • You'll never see pricing this low in an online shop, ever. Grab it while you can.

""David showed this to me at the 4F convention this past April. He not only tipped the method, but let me PLAY with it. WOW! This is so cool and there are so many variations possible with it. I wanted to buy one on the spot, but I had to wait like everyone else. Er, David?"
~ Marc DeSouza, top magic pro.


Click play to watch Window in action from start to finish.


Can you imagine doing the standard "Here, Then There" effect where a card in the spectator's hand changes with one in yours ------- and then telling them you are going to PROVE IT so you do it again but this time one of the cards is BEHIND GLASS and you can still do it?

Remember that feeling when you very first saw Copperfield? GET READY TO FEEL IT.

When Jean Luc and David sent this over to us, we watched in amazement and suddenly felt like we were children. We DID NOT want to know how it was done so we could hold on to that giddy feeling.

What sent us reeling was the twist, never has there been such an added visual change behind glass involved in any Card Through Window. It pretty much wrecked us.

We love this effect and promote it with all our heart and soul.

~ Jason B.


Click below to hear Brad Christian talk about Window and some of his presentation ideas.

*Lowest Price Guarantee. How are we able to offer this product at such a reduced price?
Ellusionist held the Exclusive on Window when it was first released... if you wanted to buy it you had to buy it from us. As such, we received pricing on this item that no other online shop did. Now, because space in our warehouse is limited, we want to move some of our current stock to make way for new items. We're happy to sell these at To-Close-To-Cost to do so. In that way, we free up some space and you get a monster deal on a reputation making effect. Order today. You'll be thrilled you did.
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  • by Benny Wen

    Dec 2013

    English may not have been spoken at all throughout the instructions, but it is awesome to know that magic can be learned without any verbal contact. The gimmick has some issues so you must have it at a right height. Overall, if you ran through a good introduction, the results is great
  • by George Papadopoulos

    Jun 2013

    Exciting effect which is very clean and easy to learn and do. It certainly worth its money!!!
  • by George Keramidis

    Jun 2013

    A very rich and powerful effect!
  • by daniel lam

    May 2013

    when i first got the dvd my gimmick had a massive crease but the team at ellusionist were great and sent me a brand new gimmick that worked perfectly and it lies flat on the glass now so now i have no trouble using it. the idea is really smart and david stone teaches several ways to reveal the card. just a bit of advice, make sure that the place you perform window isnt dead silent because there is a bit of noise when doing the trick which may leave spectators a tad suspicious if they can clearly hear it
  • by B. Michael Blashfield

    May 2013

    Fantastic effect, creative method and excellent value. David stone is a brilliant artist and the effect is very startling. Get it - Ellusionist has offered a real winner - great variation on Card thru Window without the complicated method and expensive price. Love it!
  • by Dino Skinner

    May 2013

    well worth it. its simple and easy and quick to do. but the best part are the reactions you get while performing this effect. Bravo ellusionist!
  • by samuel nelson

    May 2013

    This is a great product!!! I can't wait until I have money to buy it. It is amazing! I would give it a 5 star for visual but nothing else because I don't know how to do it.
  • by Aaron Hawksley

    May 2013

    Great product at first I was nervous about getting it. Once I got it, at first I was disappointed about how it laid on the glass; but after I left it under some textbooks for a week it came out just fine. Great especially at the discount, compared to others.
  • by danny

    Apr 2013

    I must say I truly enjoy the effect it produces. Only thing that I was unimpressed with was the quality of the gimmick. To avoid spoilers I will just say while practicing doing the trick, the range when you can't see how the gimmick works needs to be verrry far and that is not good for magic tricks. IMO. Other than that, the idea behind WINDOW itself is ingenious.
  • by Jose Aviles

    Apr 2013

    Great trick, but the gimmick make a loud click sound on the glass

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