Revive Dust

Revive Dust

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Revive Dust is the special material you need to perform the worlds first ultra visual, no extra pieces, 360 degree, signed Torn and Restored.

As the best-selling download of 2018, thousands upon thousands have been asking for the cheat code to level-up and create gimmicks quickly. 'REVIVE DUST' is the answer.

Don't let the name fool you into thinking you know exactly what this is. Only those who know Revive will have the insight into using this properly.

Although any time spent on Revive is more than worth it, arts & crafts isn't for everyone. Each Revive Dust pack holds enough magic powder to be able to make around 60-80 gimmicks and will have you making 60 gaffs in minutes instead of hours.

Time is money.

Grab a bag of Revive Dust TODAY.