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You're at a party with your friends. It happens. They ask you to show them a trick and they want you to use their things...

In comes Revoke by Gianni Vox. Using a borrowed Sharpie (Permanent marker... none of that dry erase garbage) you have a spectator sign their initials on THEIR OWN COIN. You draw an 'X' on the other side of the borrowed coin. You show your hands completely empty, then wave your hand over the 'X'...

It's gone.

The 'X' vanishes, you move your pointing finger along your arm, up your other hand and on to the back of your hand! It's permanent. It's not wiping off.

THAT is Revoke!

Revoke has been designed with the impromptu street magician in mind. You can walk into a party with next to nothing and perform this miracle with all borrowed objects.

-This is the effect you've been waiting for. It's small, will fit in ANY pocket (even little tiny ones). You are always ready to perform this miracle.
-Everything is examinable at the end, because everything is borrowed. Never get caught with some weird gimmick you can't explain.
-You leave your spectator with the impossible coin, missing the 'X' of course. They WILL show this to people and talk about it. How could they not?

Warning: You will need to help your friends pick up their jaws off the floor after they see this. This isn't your grandfather's coin trick. This is a coin trick for the new magic generation.

Special Note: Ellusionist would like to credit Cody Nottingham for his effect 'Mark' originally released in 2011. Although very similar, both effects were the result of independent creation. Cody's effect will again be available on the DVD he is releasing later this year.
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  1. Mark

    I love the idea of this effect. I found exactly the brand of *item* used in the demo. It doesn't work with American coins. I tried it with dozens of coins, some of which I actually washed with soap to make sure there wasn't anything on them that could interfere. I purchased the *item* it again, thinking perhaps it was a fluke package. It wasn't. I tried other brands. They did not work. This is a great looking demo, but I couldn't get the method to stick. This is the most disappointing purchase I've made at this site, though not the most disappointing I've made, ever.
  2. Summary

    i remember seeing david blaine do a similar effect like this on a spectator and i thought it was amazing. once i saw this release i knew i had to have it... Possibilities are only limited by your imagination! have fun with this, and the method is simple ingenious and sleight free
  3. Summary

    A strong effect with a setup and handling that is more delicate than I had expected. The delicate setup makes it challenging to handle the coin naturally. I'm hoping that with more practice, trial and error, I'll be able to work around that.