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A sleeveless, visual, both-hands-empty true vanish of a coin or any small object.

Revolution has shattered the conventional wisdom of what sleight of hand could accomplish.

A hands-on 30 minute training video takes you through the ins and outs of this easy illusion and demonstrates applications of the miracle effect.

Revolution is such a thrill to perform that you will stand in front of your mirror just watching yourself do it and not believing what you are seeing every time.

No threads, no pulls, no loops, no magnets. No sleeves. Whatever you're thinking it is, it isn't that.

Be learning this strong effect 5 minutes from now via instant download.
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  1. Summary

    I must say that this is one of the most amazing coin vanishes that I now do, since I bought it roughly 45 minutes ago. If you know how to do some simple coin slight of hand, then you are more than ready for this AMAZING vanish. 30 minutes watching the DVD, 20 minutes of practice (learning to sell the effect), and then 15 minutes amazing my wife (with the coin vanish). Everyone should have this in their proverbial "Bag of Tricks." Can't wait to show this at work tomorrow.
  2. Summary

    This is an awesome coin/object vanish!! It is a trick that I can't wait to buy. The looks of the vanish are amazing, This is a great vanish!!
  3. Summary

    The best trick ever, the guy quit his job 3 days later after inventing this