Ring Flight Revolution by Dave Bonsall


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A Borrowed ring appears on your keys...

"The best Ring Flight in the Business "

- Dynamo

Ellusionist is proud to team up with Dave Bonsall to bring you the ultimate method for one of the most influential plots in magic.
Take a borrowed ring and gradually reduce it to nothing at the fingertips.
With deliberately empty hands you reach into your back pocket for your car keys.
Mercedes? Nice, you must be doing well for yourself.
As you pull them out, the spectator spots their ring securely attached, and thanks to a unique locking system you can even allow them to remove the ring themselves.
The gimmick does all the hard work for you.

Each Ring Flight has a guaranteed 2 year warranty.

Taking their ring forces the spectator to be emotionally invested in your routine. Promoting a more engaged audience and more ear-splitting reactions.
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Your Ring Flight Revolution is made from a mix of space-grade technology and genuine car keys. Built by hand with obsessive attention to detail.
The components used are of the highest quality. Let's face it, you need something reliable that's going to last you thousands of performances.

This does just that.
Each gimmick is hand-crafted by Dave Bonsall himself, testing each unit before it's lovingly packed away for you. Making sure your Ring Flight is the best it could possibly be.
- Handmade Device
- 2 Year Warranty
- Customize With Car Badges
- Reliable & Easy To Use
Format: Gimmick + DVD
Difficulty: Easy
Additional Details: Each unit comes with multiple car badges to customize your set and multiple clips to connect rings onto.
Get yours TODAY.

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Customer Reviews

  • by Peyman

    Apr 2017

    I loved this product. My experience about this product is one or two weeks. I performed this trick when I was at the pool with my friends and they freaked out. The gimmick is really well done and you have 2 years of guarantee that if anything happened you can get another one. Highly recommended to buy.

  • by edward teel

    Jul 2016

    I purchased this from Bonsal last year. Take it to the bank this is the best you can get!!

  • by Colin Underwood

    May 2016

    I have used this product for about 4 years full time.I am a professional performer always using the best. This product exceeds all expectations. 5 stars!