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When Ellusionist was filming Ringtone on the streets in San Francisco a family strolled by. Adam Grace walked up and asked if anyone had a cell phone. All six of them held up their hands, even the 7 year old. That's America.
Most people wouldn't be caught dead without their cell these days. They live on it.
So hit them where they live.

In effect, you hijack the ringtone off their phone. When someone calls, their phone lights up as usual when the call comes in, but ------ only the NEW song plays. The ringtone they HAD on their phone goes bye-bye.

You'll do this on everyone you meet. Think of the bets you could take! "Bet I can give you a new ringtone without changing a single thing on your phone".

Ringtone's the simplest trick you ever did . Great tricks are simple. No Bluetooth, no downloading, no fuss, no muss. Pick up your copy of Ringtone today and start intercepting your friend's ringtones.


" Truly original.... seems way underpriced. "
- Paul Harris


" I only just received this and haven't performed it yet for strangers. So then just last night a friend stopped by and I decided to give it a try for him. He was blown away. Literally. Even better than I was hoping... He just stood there in stupefied silence looking at his phone, then me, then his phone, then me... "
- Dave Smith, desmit6, AZ


“… not real magic, but what you get gives you a near perfect illusion.”
~ Jason Michael, Rochester Hills, Michigan

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  1. Summary

    I love the idea of the effect, although I did make a guess about how it's done and was correct. I can't say too much without revealing how it's done, but I don't think the gimmick is of high enough quality for the phones that everyone has now and it can be a little obvious as to what is happening.
    Three stars for the idea and quality of DVD, -2 stars for the gimmick quality.
  2. Summary

    This is great fun, and the reactions are well worth it. Adam's handling for both sleeved and no sleeve performance add flexibility. Set up couldn't be much easier. I use two sided tape that I've run my fingers over on the gimmick, makes less mess and is easily replaced.
  3. Great Gimmick

    I generally don't like buying magic that involves a gimmick to do it cause I believe the gimmicks are generally over priced, poor quality, and breaks to easily. Why should we spend several hours trying to learn them and 100's of dollars as we break them in the process of learning how to use them? Well there is no worries with this gimmick. You can perform this in a completely quiet room without worrying about hearing the electronics of the gimmick like you do with the Gecko and pure smoke gimmicks! Plus I could see this gimmick lasting a lifetime which in my opinion makes it so much more valuable than the gecko and pure smoke even though those effects look a lot better and have multiple purposes. I am rating this a 4 star cause I haven't had a chance to perform this yet so I don't really know how the reactions are going to be. However that is generally based on your performance with any magic.
  4. It's so great and simple.....

    Great effect, people almast can't beleive what happend and don't now how it is possible. Easy to perform and the video is very good, because you'll learn not just only way to perform.
  5. like it

    I have used this and enjoyed the trick as a whole. But when i perform it, even flawlessly, most spectators will figure out there is a gimmick. The trick is overall great but not in the area that i live in. Aside from all that this is a great trick to have.
  6. Superb for stand up

    Ringtone is one of the cleverest routines to come along in a while. It can be done close up or stand up - but i feel is more suited to the latter. Everyone has a mobile (cell) phone and their ringtone is something personal to them. The fact that you appear to change this to a tune of their choice makes for an incredibly strong experience for the spectator. I performed this at a show and was approached by someone 6 months later who said "wow you're the guy who changed that girls ringtone" Notice - he didn't say what a great 45 min show you did - just "how the hell did you change that ringtone" Top trick!

    Ian McCoy (www.ianmccoy.com)
  7. Breaking out the limitations of Magic

    Much of street illusion and magic still heavily depends on cards and small bits and pieces such as sponge balls. What Adam Grace has done here is brought the modern world into the world of magic, and has opened the door to something new and exciting! Its a great trick that gets even greater effects!
  8. so simple, but it creates a stunning performance.

    On vacation I tried this as street magic and befor long I had the biggest crowd i've ever had.
    It was wonderful, and I would suggest this to any begginer or advanced magician.
  9. Not worth the money!

    I had a hard time with this effect i expected easier method! but i still love ellusionist!
  10. ...Leaves them speechless!

    This trick is the most personal, jawdropping, and breathtaking illusion of its time, Adam Grace is a genius and should be proud of the effect he's created. This trick is reletivley simple to perform and the gimmick is ingenius. When I perform this trick it leaves the spectator stunned, for instince I performed for this woman and her husband and changed their ringtone to the Star Spangled Bannor and she simply stared at me for nearly 5 minutes!