Ripcord by Tom & Ollie

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"The Level Of Magic Produced By Someone So Young Is Mindblowing And Inspirational" - Dynamo


Tom Elderfield & Ollie G Smith are some of the premier magic creators on the planet. Consultants for the biggest TV magicians.

Ripcord ushers in a new era of visual magic with borrowed items, taking the pen through bill into the 21st Century. 

Ripcord allows you to perform multiple effects with headphones... something people carry on them every day.

Three powerful effects included:

- BORROWED Headphones Through Bill
- Bitten & Restored Microphone Bar
- + The Outrageous Bonus Effect - Travelling Microphone Bar

This expertly-fashioned gimmick can be carried on you at all times. Allowing you to perform organic miracles with totally borrowed items.

Over a year in the manufacturing process.

Get Ripcord TODAY.

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  1. Shai

    Honestly not the greatest product. The ideas were great but the video explanations were poor and so was the audio. The gimmick for the audio jack broke when I opened it in the mail and the headphone cord was built wrong. I also was really looking forward to the jumping volume bar and the eating of the volume bar but the extra gimmick didn’t come in the packaging and the video explanations were missing. It only gave a second handling for one of the tricks. Overall the trick was not very good and I was fairly let down with this
  2. Scott

    I think the headphone through bill gimmick is worth it but the other parts require switching
  3. Summary

    A little overpriced for the gimmick, the only trick that in my opinion that is practical is the headphone thru bill which is a great old trick modernized, everything else I feel is camera tricks
  4. Summary

    I was pretty impressed with the product overall. I think it is a great effect and some great gimmicks that allow us to kind of be creative in the way we use it. My only complaints are the audio on the video wasn't the best although that is not a huge issue, and that in the video he shows an extra volume bar gimmick, which I did not receive with mine. I'm not sure if that is something extra he had or if it was supposed to come with the product. Overall though a solid product!
  5. Summary

    When you buy Ripcord you are not just buying a trick. You are buying a product that has had multiple stages of development. It is not just a trick. You will see that by watching the trailer.
    The gimmicks you receive are wonderfully made.
    The only "problem" I had was the audio on the download. I don't think that is enough to knock off a star though.
    If you are like me and love gimmicks, just buy the dang thing!
  6. Summary

    I honestly was expecting better. The gimmick is ok. The teaching was a little too brief and the names of the videos were misleading and confusing. For $40 you'd expect to get something better than this. The only part that is good is the earbud plug through dollar. I don't recommend buying this unless you have money to spare.
  7. Summary

    I have mixed feelings about this trick, the gimmick headphones for instance: I love how the tricks look but I believe they aren't organic or practical enough, they are mainly magic tricks for TV or internet videos, they can't be inspected unless you have some heavy misdirection and requires switching, etc.

    On the other hand, the headphone jack through the bill is an amazing trick, I carry the gimmick at all times with me and ONLY perform this trick with borrowed headphones, the reactions are great!! This is what real magic looks like.
    You have no problems hiding the gimmick, it's a well thought out trick( It's an oldie but what a way to redirect it). I performed this trick while I was in Colombia since most people carry these headphones, you will be performing this trick a lot.

    The price is ok for both gimmicks but I wish you would receive more than just one Jack(very small and easy to lose), I carry it at all times with me on my small coin pocket, at least we should have the option of buying more of these as refills and a black color also for when someone comes with a different headphone.
  8. Summary

    trick truly wonderful, very clear explanations and gimmick well made and comfortable to use in public and especially comfortable to carry and use at any time. Really a great job, keep it up. A must buy!!!
  9. Summary

    Trick very effective and impactful. Gimmick very easy to use and comfortable to use in any situation. I enjoyed Ripcord is seen behind a very studied. congratulations!
  10. Summary

    Modern magic!! Nice. You will be amazed.