Ripped & Relocated by Josh Janousky

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If Josh Janousky's brain was used for evil, he'd be on America's most wanted list. The things he can do with bills are so scary, they look illegal to the untrained eye.


Ripped & Relocated is his pièce de résistance. (That's French for OMFG it's good)


Borrow a bill, tear a corner from it and permanently re-attach the corner to the bottom of the banknote.


Then, with no switches or funny moves, you extend forward and... give them the bill. It's real, why wouldn't you?


There is no glue, no tape, no rubber cement and no magnets. That corner is actually on there.


For those outside of the US, along with receiving the official gimmick you'll also get access to 3 brand new receipt templates to perform this effect without ever tearing a bill.


The best part is, if you want to give away the receipts or the main Ripped & Relocated Dollar gimmick, they can even be SIGNED. 


Get Ripped & Relocated TODAY. 




Can the bill be signed?
Yes, it can be borrowed from a spectator and signed.


Can the spectator keep the 'R&R' dollar bill?
Yes, it's a genuine dollar bill that they can treasure forever.


Do they have to keep the bill?
No, Josh will teach you a clean-up where they go home with a fresh dollar and you get to keep the gimmick. 


Is this illegal?
No, it's completely legal. As crazy as this may seem, this is real legal tender with no sticking or glueing.


What if I'm not in the US, can it be done with my local currency?
Once you know the secret, there may be a way for you to achieve the same in your local currency, however 'Ripped & Relocated' comes with a receipt version too. English, Spanish and Chinese receipts are automatically provided with each purchase so you can perform this WHEREVER you are.


But I don't live in a country where they speak those languages?
You can either introduce the gimmicked bill or receipt as an object and say you were just on holiday in <<insert country you want to use>> and you noticed something cool with their receipts, "WATCH"... Or you can use the secret / format provided to make your own gimmicks in a language or country of your choosing.


How much do refills of the Dollar gimmick cost?
Technically it costs slightly more than two dollars to perform this effect if you plan on giving the bill away as a souvenir.


Why is this better than any other TnR card effect?
Using something organic and familiar like bills or receipts makes the magic more believeable. Although many magicians don't want to admit it, introducing a normal deck of cards is still introducing a 'special prop' in your spectators eyes.


To them, a bill or receipt just feels more impossible. Try it!


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  1. Tilo

    I haven’t bought it yet but enough is enough I’m gettin this!!!!!!!
  2. Joshua

    I must admit I do love this, but I can understand the other reviews. Yes this will cost you money if you decide to give it out as a souvenir, it isn’t hard to make at all, it just takes certain items that are relatively easy to attain. Secondly, this could have been a download.
    Overall, it is a great effect! Will definitely recommend it especially if you’re a worker or want to leave a strong souvenir!
  3. Summary

    This is a wonderfully astonishing piece of impossibilia! When I'm strolling, I always like to carry around something that I only plan on doing once per only for logistics sake, but also because (in this case) I wouldn't want all my guests leaving with the same impossible object... It wouldn't make it special anymore.
    And that is the big takeaway for this project. Josh has created something very special here. This is something I absolutely would perform. Josh's teaching is clear without belaboring any points. It comes with somethings to get you started, but it is understood, that more supplies will need to be purchased in order to consistently perform the effect and let the spec keep a souvenir.
    If you are looking for a marquee piece for your set, I'd contend that this is a great option. Great job Josh :)