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  1. Summary

    I like it, its easy to do, its a cool grip and its totally impromptu
  2. Summary

    Cool grip, very creative and that by itself makes it hard to work out the illusion especially for a lay man. Best part is that there are no gimmicks like other Royal flush related tricks
  3. Summary

    This video is a great 5 card draw poker demonstration! I've always loved great poker demonstrations and this one is no exception. The quality of the video is fantastic and if you loved the movie Shade, this effect is very similar to the opening one in the title credits.
  4. Great visual with practice

    Hiya people,
    I'm just starting of on my "magic" journey. This is my first trick bought from ellusionist and was very impressed. It is very PRACTIcal with PRACTIce. The only thing I would want is a little more video... I mean come now... 3 MINS! You just need to observe the guy in the video very well. Copying his every move. I suggest practicing many times before performing (duh), because there is a chance of the spectator catching on if you don't perform steady/swiftly enough. If you already have LOTS of expierience with card tricks/ manuevering you should pick it up very fast. I'm 14 years of age and just go interested in performing street magic. You get the picture.
  5. Visual, slick, good reaction!

    Couldn't figure out the grip so had to buy it.

    Love it! Very visual, practical, and not hard to do. Totally freaked my friends out!