Salou Monte by Daniel Chard

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Inspired by the classic routine and refined over hundreds of performances in Salou, Daniel Chard gives 3 card monte a needed make-over.

The spectator is shown 3 cards and told to follow the Queen. Betting on where they think it is...they're wrong EVERY time.

Just as they think they've got you and want to play for money, the 3 cards evaporate leaving 4 aces. A sucker is born every minute.

Where's the Queen? As you pull the queen from your pocket it vividly transposes with the 4 aces in your other hand, for a kicker that has to be seen to be believed.

A multi-phase masterpiece that you'll love performing.

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Format: Download/Stream
Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate
Duration: 8 Minutes

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  1. Summary

    I love this trick! Really well done and a really nice twist on 3 Card Monte. However, the tutorial was not well explained and to fast. I would recommend that you know most slights and are an intermediate magician. But overall, great trick!
  2. Summary

    I believe this effect by Daniel Chard should get more attention. This has become my favorite 3 card monte. It takes practice just as everything worth performing but it's not really hard. I 100% recommend this trick, he does a good job teaching you everything you need to do. Really good job and really good effect. Plus, the price is pretty good
  3. Summary

    This was the first trick I bought from Ellusionist and I have to say I'm very impressed with it. I've only recently started getting back into magic so I was looking for a trick in the beginner/intermediate level and I came upon this. Being a big fan of gambling related magic tricks I decided this was the one for me so I made my purchase. Not only was it easy to learn, but I was very happy to find that there weren't any gimmick decks, etc. required to go along with the video. A deck of cards and 4.99 is all you need to learn a really great trick!