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Stolen from a shipwreck aground the piping hot sands of Tortuga beach, these are Salt and Bone playing cards. Inspired by the life and times of Captan H. Every, the man behind the biggest heist in history, this deck celebrates bad intentions by becoming the lost bounty.

Like the captains garbs, these cards have a true linen finish and the B9 stock is layered with an antique black patina...the first of it's kinds. With all custom pips that twist and snake you towards the treasure, and courts cards that contain the sigils of the most infamous pirates to ever live.
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  1. Samuel

    I love these cards. That black looks great, and the tuck box looks even better. It has a soft, rough paper texture to it, which only enhances the aesthetic. The only downside to this deck is the complete lack of Joker cards, as they are replaced with four 'map cards'. These cards do still have the standard card back, so they would function for playing, but they may not look great for tricks, unless you were to use all four.
  2. Summary

    Me gusto el tema de la textura, se sienten como que flotaran entre una y otra, las cartas mas premiun que he tenido hasta ahora y sus diseños expectacular

    Google Translate translation: "I liked the subject of the texture, they feel like they were floating between one and the other, the most premium cards I have had so far and their spectacular designs"
  3. Summary

    The deck feels amazing and the art is really nice. If you're doing magic with this I don't think you'll have an issue with the cards not being instantly recognizable the numbers and symbols on the corners are very easy to read. Just know this doesn't come with jokers exactly. It comes with 4 cards used to solve the little puzzle they added in with this set.
  4. Summary

    Really enjoy this deck... Lots cool history and artwork... They feel really smooth... Fanning is satisfying...
  5. Summary

    Great deck. Love the look and feel of these. Finished the puzzle recently and was informed all prizes have been claimed.
  6. Summary

    I finally got around to purchasing this deck. They are gorgeous. I did solve the puzzle. It took me a while. Just know that that all 52 team decks aren't claimed yet, as I still managed to snag one.

    Please make more decks like this. I really enjoyed it.
  7. Summary

    This deck is gorgeous, and I am a big fan of the Cartamundi finish on them. The puzzle is a real doozy, and I have a feeling I still have a ways to go before I solve it! Beautiful cards and I can’t wait til I’ve solved them.
  8. Summary

    The deck is amazing. However, I hope once all 52 of the winners receive thier prize that they will release the puzzle solution. I can't seem to crack it and would love some hints or help.
  9. Summary

    Wow, this deck was so much fun! The cards feel great with cardistry and the look & feel is beautiful. More puzzle decks, please!
  10. Summary

    This is my absolute favorite deck. They feel so good and they look amazing. You put a ton of time into these! Now let's talk about the map riddle. This was so much fun. PLEASE make more riddle decks.