Sandwich way did they go by Luke Dancy

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In a world where everybody has their own sandwich routine, Luke Dancy shakes things up by refusing to conform. Sandwich way did they go, is probably the first unsandwich routine you’ve ever seen.

Two selections are made and lost in the deck, and the performer introduces a four of a kind that will act as two sandwiches to find the selections. The red pair is placed on the table and the black pair waved across the deck - where two cards instant;y appear between.

The performer explains that he was only after one - and asks if he can start the trick again. The two cards in the middle of the pair are turned over - showing the red pair that was placed on the table. The cards on the table are turned over, revealing the two selections.

A sandwich, a transposition, a kicker ending - 'Sandwich way did they go' is a name you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Download it now.

Format: Stream / Download
Difficulty: Beginner
Duration: 7 Minutes