Satellite Change by Ben Prime

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  1. Summary

    This is by far the most visual color change I've seen here yet. My biggest issue is the learning curve. It's one of the hardest changes I've seen, but if you get it down you could be a god among mere mortals. Angle sensitive, but what isn't these days right? Anything worth this big a payoff is worth the risk.
  2. Amazing

    This trick was great! I bought it yesterday and me and my mate thought it was completely impossible to do but after you get the hang of it you can perform the most visual color change anyone has seen before.
    I wouldn't recommend this trick for beginners as it is quite tricky but other than that its great!

    this IS my favorite color change, and I am a friend with Ben, he's actually really nice as well. Bur besides that, it i a knacky move, but I have been practicing for about a week or so and I am just as good as Ben himself! Plus he has an awesome last name. Either way, buy this, it is cheap and really fun to perform and practice, and easy if you practice it enough. Best of all it is VERY visual and clean, slightly angle sensitive, but very nice 5 changes out of 5 chnages! Good job Ben!!
  4. Awesome

    I've seen this performed live. It's an awesome move, and it looks like Ellusionist have done a great job presenting it.
  5. Awesome !

    So cool! But a little hard!but it won't take so long.
  6. Move monkeys ASSEMBLE!!!!!

    Great new colour change from the mind of Benjamin Prime. With a last name that cool, his magic is sure to be..... and he does not disappoint.

    It's a cool, one-handed, visual masterpiece that's as fun to practice as it is to perform.