Saturn Hyperspace

Saturn Hyperspace
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  1. Summary

    I really looked for a downside to these cards and I cannot find any! They are spectacular and the fact that they don't have a border on the back makes it a really good deck to incorporate for anything visual. That's very difficult to explain but pick up these cards and you will see what I mean!
  2. Summary

    These cards are the best cards i have tried.
    I started with magic and cardistry for about 6 months.
    But i tried about 100 different and well known decks.
    Including the virts for me these cards are Even better than the virts.
    I abselutly love this deck.
    Sorry for my english.
  3. Summary

    These are truly incredible. While I only consider myself a hobbyist when it comes to cardistry, I am by no means a complete beginner and can say with certainty that these are somewhat comparable to the current champion of cardistry: The Virt decks. They have what I consider to be the perfect feel to them- a mix of a smooth (but not an uncontrollable/slippery) finish and a thin stock. These are an absolute pleasure to handle and a beauty to look at. Not to mention they're NOT another damned geometric design like too many other decks designed for cardisty. The split border was a bold move and one that I absolutely would love to see more of in the future. You'll also find that E generously decided to include an extra gaff card (my favorite gaff card) that they don't usually include in their usual releases in place of the ad card. For those curious about that card I want to hint at it, but am coming up Blank...
    Overall this deck exceeded my expectations and I would highly recommend picking one up even if you're just curious.