Rounders Playing Cards by Daniel Madison - Scarlet

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  1. Summary

    Got 2. One is signed and sealed. The other is used for practice and special occasions only. Reds my favorite color and I love them!
  2. Summary

    I would absolutely love to get my hands on a 2nd deck of these because I just can't bring myself to open up the one I have now. Although I can know how amazing these are from owning a black version.
  3. Summary

    Why? Why must the beautiful red ones be limited? I love the red Rounders and wish I had a brick here to play with. However, I don't, so I keep my signed deck sealed to admire.
  4. Summary

    Love em!! The color is sweet, and the Black Club got 2! Total "in the Club" perks!! Definitely a prize of my collection!
  5. Summary

    Same deck- More elegant. The Scarlet Rounders are almost exactly the same as the original deck. Other.. than the fact that its infused in an elegant ribbon red. It gives the cards a new persona that feels relaxing though of high standards & exquisite taste. The cards give a resemblance & feel- to that of a luxury vintage arm chair, covered in a red velvet rosey glaze. Another path of feeling & depth than its black counterpart. It is an attractive deck to the eye & stands out beautifully. And it really reinforces Laura London's place in the deck. A signature deck not to be missed.. this deck feels solely made for the intrinsic users of DM's series of playing cards.
  6. Summary

    Oh man, when these came, I turned them over in my hands, snapped a few photos, and locked them away in my private stores. So luxurious, professional, & rare, I couldn't bear opening them knowing I didn't have another one to preserve. If they're as good as Ellusionist's other decks & D.M.'s other works, they won't disappoint.
  7. Summary

    A beautiful addition to the rounders collection, I can see why Daniel loves the Scarlet colour, it just adds another level of depth to the attractiveness of the already great deck. 10/10
  8. Summary

    At first I didn't want to open this deck but I did and I have no regrets! It's by far the best looking, handling, and feeling deck I've ever owned. Even though it's pretty much the same as the normal rounders the color on the scarlet rounders looks amazing. Also the stock and finish feel thicker and heavier. By far my most favorite deck of all time and will still probably be until the day I die! If they come back, get them instantly!!
  9. Summary

    I have to be honest, I could not bring myself to open these cards. I want to so badly but being as they are so difficult to get I just cant do it. I collect sealed decks and as I said due to the rarity of these cards I cant bring myself to do it. That being said the box is an amazing work of art, it is very simple yet extremely elegant. I love every aspect of it and has quickly become one of my favorite box designs. As mentioned, because I didn't open these cards I cannot give an accurate description on the cards feel, I can say that (judging only by their looks on the "mechanic" DVD) they have a strong case for being in my top 5 decks of all time!!!
  10. Summary

    I love the black rounders but I really love the scarlet rounders. I haven't opened them but I can see that they are a great deck. I love the color of the back of the cards. I would recommend buying this deck but you can't. I am really happy that I pre-ordered Mechanic.