Scorpion by Bobby Motta

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"So many possibilites... so good!" - Danny Garcia

At any time using only YOUR mind, the Scorpion wireless thread reel will actually cause that chosen object to move or fall on command.


You or your spectators are nowhere near the object and an audience member can pick it up, closely inspect it and even take the object home.


In the desert the Scorpion is the un-crowned King. Packing a mighty punch, but never out in the open to take the praise. This device has a similar role and has become an integral part of Bobby Motta’s hit show or close-up gigs over the past five years. It's never seen, but it's affects are undeniable.  


As a professional entertainer performing regular weekly shows, countless monthly corporate events or making prestigious television appearances, you need something bullet-proof, dependable and extremely responsive for constant use - both on stage and for close-up applications. Trust in Scorpion. 




  • Telekinetic phenomena made real. Move objects from across the room, under a glass - without being anywhere near them. 
  • Real-time psychokinetic touches metres away from the participants.
  • Fool skeptics with paranormal activity they swear is REAL.
  • Create bone-chilling seance movements experienced by one person or thousands. 


NOTE: (In addition to the provided items above you will need a 9 volt battery, not included.)

Featuring an optional magnetic time delay or instant action control triggered by a discreet remote (up to 30 feet away), Scorpion has become a must-have weapon in the arsenal of any professional magician. 

Finally create the appearance of REAL psychokinetic animation and movement. 

Are you ready to take your magic and mentalism to new, diabolical levels?


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  1. Gavin

    Wow! This is such a cool little device! Like others said the thread is invisible! The reason I only gave this 4/5 is because the clip to get into the battery is so difficult to open. There is a YouTube review that shows how to open it.
  2. Summary

    So this is very weird to me. I have performed this in front of many people and they all have said that the thread is very visible. Honestly, I have to agree with them. The tread is also very breakable. It has snapped on me on performance many times. Overall, I highly recommend Venom over this ITR system. Plus, its much cheaper. So just go with Venom. You won't be disappointed, trust me.
  3. Omer

    Im sorry to say im very disappointed in the range of this product . It is advertised as working up to 30 feet , good luck , I cant be five feet away and have the darn thing work reliably , seriously , at about three to four feet away it will work the way it should , but that's a bit of a joke . Maybe my unit is faulty or something but I cannot recommend this . I made one years ago out of a mini helicopter , didn't like it so much because everything was a bit bulky but mine worked every time and you could be a football field away … Live and learn.
  4. Aaron

    Went out on a limb buying this product, as it is far more expensive than other ITR systems. I received it today and have been playing with it. There are some effects that this system is stellar at doing (at a distance), but if you're performing close up, especially in a casual situation or when the lighting isn't dim, I would use a different ITR. The thread is extremely visible. While this device has a lot of utility, I'm going to stick with Tarantula 2 for close up levitation effects, which is what I had hoped this device could be used for. I'll be honest - I perform for skeptics often. Friends and family are the most skeptical because they see my magic all the time. Most magicians share this commonality. If they can spot the IT used in Tarantula 2 or Loops (which they sometimes can), they will definitely spot this a mile away. All in all, Scorpion is LOVELY piece of engineering, though I don't think it justifies the price.
  5. Joshua

    I’ve owned Venom, Tarantula 1 and 2, different ITRs, Loops, etc. Now this is more comparable to Tarantula. In my opinion this is better than Tarantula, mainly because I always had issues with my Tarantula (thread and reel weakness) even replacing the thread the reel itself isn’t as strong as Scorpion’s. Venom on the other hand has always been my favorite to carry around since it’s much easier to get in and out of and perform the impossible. Scorpion will do what Venom can do but MUCH CLEANER! I reccomend it if you love telekinetic and levitation effects!
  6. Kevin

    This is a must have!!! You will not regret purchasing this! I worked with Bobby at the Theatre and I have seen Scorpion in action every show. The reactions he got were phenomenal because this product is phenomenal. I have had the opportunity to use Scorpion for several months and I must say it works amazingly! Absolutely amazing work!! 10/10