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In collaboration with Lost Art Magic, we bring you Seamless by Glenn West.


Glenn has spent years developing an impromptu handling to tear up a playing card, and restore it piece by piece leaving no creases or folds... just one solid seamless playing card.


In Seamless the magician takes a spectators selection and tears it into four individual pieces, all without pre folding the card into quarters. This is exactly how it should look when you ask someone to tear a card. 


The magician takes two pieces of the torn card and touches the edges together causing the torn pieces to restore back together, leaving no tear marks, or folds of any kind.


The next piece just merely touches the edges of the restored half card and it too becomes attached.


The last quarter piece is shown and seemingly melts onto the 3 other restored pieces causing the torn card to be one whole once again, no folds or tears of any kind, just one solid playing card.


The card can be immediately handed out to be examined.


On this project Glenn will teach you all the ins and outs you need to know to execute this incredibly visual card restoration, including a special technique so you can perform this effect with a signed selection showing the card front and back the entire time. Glenn holds nothing back, sharing all his thoughts and genius thinking when it comes to handling cards.


No gimmicks or sticky stuff are used to accomplish this effect, in classic Glenn West style, this routine uses just pure sleight of hand and skill.


Learn Seamless IMMEDIATELY. 


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  1. Kevin

    This is really good but need take more practice by the way I love this classic TNR
  2. Tony

    I think the effect is great and the video is high quality and Glenn gives other effects to duplicate a signature but I give it 4 stars because I couldn't really pull this off because I have small hands so if you have small hands probably don't buy this
  3. Steve

    Seamless delivers exactly what it promises: an amazing TNR using only sleight of hand.

    Pros: Excellent teaching of the effect, covers multiple scenarios (e.g., signature, impromptu, etc.)

    Cons: Will require lots of practice to master angles, impromptu method will require some careful planning to work into existing routines
  4. Lucas

    A FANTASTIC product! One of the best TNR effects on the market, right next to face off. I'd even say you could use them both in the same routine.
    Though it will take a lot of practice; the effect is worth it due to its tricky and convincing nature. The overall production value and explanation of the download is phenomenal. Along with the details and tips of how to make this effect the best it can be, along with your own; he basically has an entire section on separate tricks that can help lead you into the effect. A fantastic TNR with a beginner crash course in signature duplication, performance tips and ideas, and a very well fleshed out instruction. Highly recommend!
  5. Byron

    A clever and deceiving TNR. His teaching is fantastic which is a plus since there are many subtleties and small details used to make this look perfect. Covering the angles is taught throughout as well. Definitely will need a lot of practice since it is just pure sleight of hand. A killer effect for sure!
  6. marco

    Wow. I highly recommend it! If you have tried other TNR effects before, it will not be too hard. This will be the one that I will learn and keep.
  7. Chris

    Wow! Just got this...and I gotta say, I'm having sooo much FUN messing around with it. To be honest, I've left T&R alone for so long now cuz many just felt repackaged as "new." But this is so FRESH! I'm loving the sleights, nuances, and geez...just the way this looks in the mirror baby! 5 stars...practice makes perfect with this one.