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As magicians, others believe momentarily that we have hidden ability. They experience this power during the marvels we create, but secretly wish they could also own power such as this.
Search and Destroy gives them that opportunity.

It’s a slow-motion sandwich effect. A card is remembered and returned to the pack. Two kings enter the deck face-up and begin a search and destroy mission. One step at a time they move closer and closer to the spectator’s card…..every time the pack is spread they have moved closer. Finally they trap just one card – the correct one every time.

This happens in the spectator’s hands.

  • Virtually self working; allows you to concentrate on learning the touches and nuances that turn this trick into a miracle
  • Audience tested thousands of times
  • Widely considered the best sandwich trick of all time
  • Any deck, anytime, anywhere

Practical, powerful technique — lessons that will evolve your magic

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  1. Summary

    I do this trick myself all the time, I got it from Aaron's web site but this effect can be done with no set-up, in what watchers belive to be impossible conditions!
  2. Summary

    Absolutely wonderful effect. I use this one all the time. Add a green artifice deck, you have a masterpiece.
  3. Summary

    Can you cut a deck of cards? There's a miracle for you!
  4. Summary

    This effect is literally self working! The spectator can pretty much do everything and they'll find their own card! Highly Recommended!
  5. Summary

    This is worth every single cent. I think that Aaron Fisher is one of the best teachers of magic by far. He goes step by step in reviewing the trick itself, the history behind it, and what the potential of the trick (Search and Destroy) and the slight (the Nowhere Pass).

    Search and Destroy is one of the best "simple" tricks that I have ever seen. Aaron goes through every single step of the trick in detail. His explanation not only covers when to do a move, but also the psychology of why the move works. This alone is helpful in expanding how you think as a magician. His teachings also cover potential outs and ways to handle bad situations before you even come to them.

    The Nowhere Pass is taught masterfully. It's a sleight that is like a similar to first learning palming: scary to preform at first, with thoughts that it's obvious to everyone (I should say here that the Nowhere Pass is indeed a pass, not a palm). Like with all moves however, it's a move that you become more comfortable with over time.

    Even if you don't perform the trick, I would still recommend picking up the product just for how Aaron teaches and presents himself.