Shadow Masters Legacy Edition

Shadow Masters Legacy Edition
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With a design likened to a Frank Miller comic. Dark, sexy and full of appeal... these are Shadow Masters.

Our best-selling deck of the last decade has been commanded into the light for an all new tuck box.

The classic Bicycle back design fades into complete darkness. Only slightly revealing it's intentions.

Undressed, the cards are thoroughly rejuvenated in design and feel; thin & luxurious Masters stock, making them a favorite among working magicians, gamblers & cheats.

Darkness is your ally. Order Legacy Shadow Masters Today

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  1. Summary

    Amazing deck! They feel great and look even better, especially with the new tuck box. The art is clean and sharp, but I’m a little disappointed with the court cards. I was expecting the ghastly look like the original versions so I was a bit surprised to see them so plain in comparison. Still a top notch deck though!
  2. Summary

    Me encants su textura y la combinación de bicycle y ellusionist perfecta en todo su ambito
    Un mazo premium
  3. Summary

    This deck comes out of the box practically begging to be part of your magic routine. The ethereal print makes it look like the cards were conjured from another dimension
  4. Summary

    Holy crap!! I just got the Legacy Shadow Masters in the mail and I was even more impressed than I thought I would be! The finish is fantastic! The design is sharp! This deck has me super excited to get out and perform! I can't wait to show it off! If you haven't bought these yet, DO IT!!!